One Command Presentations

The One Command
with Michelle Novenski of
There is a powerful secret that once uncovered changes everything within you – changes your ability to solve problems, reduce and eliminate stress, improve joy and confidence, restore health, and even make changes within your DNA itself. This secret of the One Command® is so profound that those applying the simple process are getting results that some call miraculous: unexpected money showing up, reversal of devastating financial loss, restoration of love in relationships, and turning health hardships, into health vibrancy to mention a few. What would it be like to learn an exact step-by-step process that takes you deep into your intelligence in very specific ways and illuminates your negativity – reducing it to ash as simultaneously your mind is set on fire with what you want instead! That is The One Command®!
ENGAGE a portion of your intelligence that is your secret power to success
INSTANTLY CLEAR negative limits and transform them into positive action
COMMAND knowledge, help, and assistance from seen and unseen forces and watch them arrive
TAKE INSPIRED ACTION as the next natural step instead of the force of your will
Benefits of attending The One-Day The One Command® are many; from increasing your cash flow in moments to re-establishing good relationships with your kids or parents – to calls for new job opportunities – to conflict resolutions that seem our of your hands. You discover how this all works during the one day event. It is jammed packed with some of the best information and the newest applications of science and consciousness out there today. You want to attend and become involved with the resources you all ready have within your biology, your DNA, your mind, and your brain. This is a great tour for the next level of excellence and possibilities in your life. Throughout the day you learn:
  • Six-steps to the theta state
  • To operate in theta and that greater capacity within you
  • Discover Your True Greatness
  • How you are the creator, observer and experiencer
  • To instantly stop your negative thoughts
  • To Activate your DNA for Wealth, Health and Happiness
  • To remove the beliefs that keep you in strife, and struggle
  • To create and realize all your dreams, daily

Three Day Commanding Wealth Seminar
The Three-Day Commanding Wealth® seminar is dedicated to making changes in your life through The One Command®, specifically investigating and clearing your limiting money beliefs. The power to invigorate your cash and income has been demonstrated over and over by those attending this seminar. Here you dedicate your time and attention to getting rid of what doesn’t work in your finances and creating a new true rich prosperous blueprint for you. It is awesome!
In this information-filled hands on seminar you learn:
  • To deepen your experience in theta and reach that greater capacity within you
  • To instantly create cash and goods
  • To reverse your debt into a positive cash flow
  • To create and realize all your dreams, daily
  • To make friends with cash
  • To increase your wealth by the ratio of the Golden Mean
  • To design your rich financial future as the masters do
  • To become 100% financially successful

Three Day One Command Practitioner Certification
In The One Command® Practitioner Certification you learn to go into your powerful theta brain wave through a simple 6-Steps process and while there issue The One Command® that stops the looping of your repetitious negative thoughts, at the same time it activates and restores your DNA success programs that naturally rise to the surface. The results are fantastic, and yet where you begin with The One Command® is the tip of what is truly possible.
In The One Command® Practitioner Certification you are shown the open-ended possibilities of change and expression you have right within you as you unwind and rewind your established neuro net processors into new dynamic programs of success and achievement for yourself and your clients, naturally and easily.
In The One Command® Practitioner Certification Level I you discover the Quantum Field of The One Command®; the 6 Structures of Belief that touch upon all levels of your conscious, unconscious, and superconscious mind, and the elegant and easy system that guides your clients through the process.