Join Wendy Kay Life Coach This Week on Practical Karma: The Coach Approach

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – Tips For The Aspiring (“Wanna Be”) Entrepreneur

Wendy Kay invites you to Take Away Some Great Tips from this show To Start Your Journey into Entrepreneurship. Special guest, Belinda Mays, Entrepreneur Coach, Small Business Strategist and Author of The Success Project: The Making of a Worthy Ideal, joins Wendy in a discussion to benefit You, who has that Great Idea & Great Desire, but just can’t seem to take the plunge.

What’s stopping you? These Coaches Can Help!

• What Stops Most People from Taking That Plunge & How to Eliminate The Barriers
• $Money/No Money: What you Really Need to be Successful in Your New Venture
• What’s the “Easiest” Business to Start, according to the Biz Coach
• The first 3 Steps to Get Started in Your Own Business
• Marketing & Publicity Ideas for the Entrepreneur

Wendy has started 5 Businesses, stopped 2 due to lack of passion, combined the rest and is still adding to it! She found that Passion makes a world of difference in being able to weather the challenges, which is what it takes to keep on Thriving!

Belinda is known as a Serial Entrepreneur and found that starting a business out of “Need” is a Great Motivator for Success in the beginning, but will be sustained by your own Passion and Dedication.

The Time Is NOW to Take the Plunge! Seize the Day!