If you think you are separate from or somehow above the "criminals" or the "crazies" in our world, then you are criminal. You are crazy. We are ALL ONE. To think that any part of the world that exists around you is not somehow a part of you is to deny the incredible power of manifestation. If we want to rid our world of crime + craziness, we simply MUST accept oneness with all living beings and hold healing in our hearts. If we want to pass judgement on + create separation from any other human being, then we need to be prepared to continue living with the imbalance that they represent. You simply cannot heal something you are not willing to touch.

This post was brought to you from the blog column: "AngelSpeaK.deborah lighthart." Deborah is an Intuitive, Energy Healer & Visionary Artist. Her column is a space for her to share information that comes through her from her own Angels & Spirit Guides, as well as answer questions from the public. If you have a question that you'd like answered by the Angels, please forward it to deborah@deborahlighthart.com.

About Deborah
The name "Deborah" means "Bee seeking the honey of life." Deborah's life mission is to help you find a sweet, satisfying & soulful existence. Her private practice is located at Feronia Wellness Center in Germantown WI, but she also works by phone & online. Her intuitive consultations are uplifting, accurate & insightful. Her healing work is soothing, spiritual & transformational. Her artwork is modern, abstract & spirited. She is also the President & Founder of Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group promoting holistic health & wellness. Deborah believes that health & happiness are your birthright and she works in every way possible to help you claim it. You can find more information about Deborah at www.deborahlighthart.com