Healthy Weighs Consults with Barbara Kruck

Health Weighs Consults 
with Barbara Kruck

1pm-4pm on the 1st Sunday of Every Month
@ Feronia Wellness Center
N112W16760 Mequon Road
Germantown, WI 53022

$25/30 Minutes
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About Barbara:
I am an Animal Card Reader and Life Counselor...I have been in the field of personal healing for many years....With 20 years of Special Education Behavior Techniques along with my healthy lifestyle business, 
Barbara's Healthy Weighs, I offer seminars and personal consultations....
It seemed only natural through my love of Native American philosophy to expand my teachings to include working with the "medicine" or "spirit" that each animal possesses......
Working through private consultations on behavioral changes using the Animal Totem and Spirit guide cards,  it is possible to make a path towards the future of knowing your mind, body and soul connection.......
Barbara's Healthy Weighs
Barbara will assist you in claiming your right to feel good mentally, emotionally and spiritually...For over
twenty years she has been the field of behavior modification offering techniques and strategies that have helped many people to achieve their goals...She has  also been their personal cheerleader for the things in their lives that do not bring them joy.....Barbara's moments with you will illuminate a much brighter path for you....
                Barbara asks you this:
                 Are you ready to put yourself at the top of your "to do" list?
                 Are you ready to make positive changes right now?
                 If the answer to those two questions is "Yes!" then make an appointment with Barbara today
                 to begin a life changing journey
                 Initially there will be  two sessions:  The first is a personal consultation and from that a 
                 personalized plan just for you will be set up....The second session will discuss and offer ways                   to implement your plan......
                Here are some of the things you will learn as you work towards your new lifestyle.....
                Learn the difference between a "healthy lifestyle" and "dieting"
                How to protect yourself from saboteurs as well as self-sabotaging
                Discover what are your " triggers" and how to deal with them
                Realistic goal setting
                Learn to love yourself wherever you are on your journey
                Finding a "fit" for you for exercising
                How to take your scars and make them into stars
                Restaurant eating
                How to outsmart your karma
                Snacking...what is eat really about?
                What to do when you don't know what to do
                            Along with many personalized subjects to cover for your success...........