{Engage change: here’s why & how, why you resist change, and 5 things that make all the difference}

“Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.”

Dorothy Allison

Engage change. Experience more. Change makes any & everything possible.

Change how you see yourself before you change the world.

Attempting to change the world before you change how you see yourself is working against yourself. Once you see yourself differently, your world changes to reflect your new self image. As within, so it is without. Your world is more of a mirror than you realize.

{this is why change can feel so threatening: when it comes suddenly it forces you to see yourself differently. This is why you want to engage change on your terms. It’s easier. And gentler}

“The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

Alan Watts

Live life from what you desire to see most in the world as if it is already happening. See yourself now as you are going to be when this world is firmly in place. This level of trust is what actually creates the desired outcome to the detail.

You are entirely unlimited in this process: only you determine the limits according to how you see yourself.

Free yourself. This truth is your ticket.

Embody your vision now. Feel the relief and bliss in having what you want already just as if it’s already part of your life. Enjoy the new freedom you have gained. Delight in every detail. Focus on how having exactly what you want makes you feel. Details tie it down, lock it in, give it substance, details make it real: make it feel real which is exactly what you want.

Engage more sense. Make your vision more tactile. The more palpable, the more real.

Engage more possibility. Change your mind about what you think is actually possible in life. Stay open.

“Change is really another word for opportunity. Change allows you the opportunity to see what’s possible.”

With all the opportunity change brings, why do we resist change at every turn?

The answer is in your basic neurology. You are wired to what’s comfortable & familiar. When you try to make a change in your lifestyle or how you see yourself, you have your old habitual neural network competing against the new neural network of doing things differently that you are trying to install, so allow some time for the new one to be stronger and more natural than your old neural pattern.

When you are continually working on your personal development your success in accelerating your growth & learning curve lies in how comfortable you can be being uncomfortable with the new neural networks you are laying down.

This is why good old fashioned patience is powerful. We are being increasingly wired to expect instant results when some processes require time. Establishing new neural networks takes up to 4 – 6 weeks for them to stick and there is still some backslide danger for months afterwards, depending on how different the new network is from all your other established networks.

This is why having multiple passions in similar areas is of immense value & benefit: you establish many interconnected neural pathways that all support and reinforce each other enhancing your overall creative process and experience.

Engage change. Flirt with pure possibility. Play with new ideas & ways of thinking. Explore all your options. Here’s 5 things that make all the difference.

1. Stop waiting for permission to be more you. Be bold, yes it takes courage, but the more you are completely yourself the more your life truly begins. Explore more. Try new things, approaches, just because.

2. Stay flexible, humble, out of your own way: let your creative energy come through you on its own terms. Let yourself experience how unlimited this actually is before you decide what it {you} can do.

3. Be adventurous: experience the world at the edge of your experience. Stay cutting edge. Aspire to live life in the words of Diane Arbus: “My favorite thing is to go where I have never been.”  Let the world in more. Travel is essential education: your desire to experience other worlds & cultures is of more significance than you realize.  When you are in a completely different, new culture you lose many associations that keep you locked up in old patterns, offering unlimited opportunity for growth & exploration outside of your current life experience. Invaluable.

4. Have more fun: let yourself get away with having way more fun than you would normally allow. You don’t have to take yourself so seriously to be seen as sincere. People confuse serious with sincere. Seriousness is just seeing yourself as overly important, which is pretty hilarious {Be ready to be laughed at} Besides, playful is highly productive.

5. Discover more of who you are. Dare to be more. Experience more. Love more than you have ever loved before. Let yourself feel loved more than you have ever dared possible. Let life fall head over heels in love with you.

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