7 Things That Keep People From Living Alive!

Practical Karma: The Coach Approach – 7 Things That Keep People From Living Alive!

Join Wendy Kay as she talks with Vibrational Coach, Amy Huentelman, aka the “Heart Specialist.” Amy is the creator of Live Alive Healing. She works with a person’s energy and teaches how to live from the heart, opposed to the head. The two discuss examples and issues that come from Sleep Living, Clever Pretending, Mis-Trusting Self, Distracting Habits, DeValuing Self, Limited Thinking & DWF (doubt, worry, fear), and then offer suggestions in eliminating these from your life experience.

• Sleep Living to Waking Up to Your Life
• Clever Pretending to Snapping Out of the Lie
• Mis-Trusting Self to Tuning into Your Inner Guide
• Distracting Habits to Get Very Real with Yourself
• Devaluing Self to Remebering Who You Are
• Limited Thinking to Be Out Of Your Mind
• DWF to Pay Attention to Your Dreams

Consider Learning How to Live Alive! Live Your Soul Life – The One You Came Here To Live

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