XO: connection, love + perception {+ how to protect and empower your loved ones with body language}

What is your experience of connection? How connected do you feel to others, to what you want, to the world?
How deeply do you trust others?
What holds this feeling back? What increases it? What inspires the deepest feeling of connection for you? {I ask because I want you to get the full experience: this is important to me: I am beginning to KNOW just how empowering this experience is + I want to share it}
We are all connected. The trick is to feel it.

Love is connection. The more connected you feel, the more unlimited love you experience: the more you trust. Trust is key to our survival: especially now.

The more connected {loved} you feel, the higher your perception becomes, and the safer you naturally feel. Perception increases trust. As does making eye contact: body language is all the protection you need.

Your body instinct + fierce intuitive protection = your total sense of safety + freedom from all fear

When I was three years old, I learned a lesson that I want to pass on so you can pass it on to protect all your loved ones, your children: especially teach your children this, your friends, your parents: everyone.
I got what I am sharing with you here through a harrowing ordeal against a psychopathic pedophile, and it has saved me since countless times in my adult life against similar attacks.
Here is what I want you to empower all your loved ones with. Here is why on some level I chose to go through this experience, so I could pass this on today:
Trust your body signals. If you feel uncomfortable – for any reason at all – around anyone, and especially if you feel you are getting mixed signals. As in they are really charming, but you suddenly feel an unpleasant body sensation: MAKE EYE CONTACT AND OBSERVE THEIR REACTION AND HOW YOUR BODY FEELS IN THAT MOMENT.
A predator avoids eye contact because they know that your body language, the signals from your body will protect you if you listen to it. They will look away fast, you have to be fast. But your body will have gotten it. For me it’s a punch sensation in the stomach, a sense of panic. Your body sees through them and this is its way of signalling to you get out of there + protecting itself – and you.
You have to trust your body instincts and intuition. The more you do this, the more you build trust.

This is the reason I emphasize intuition, awareness and body language here on my blog. They empower us.

Stephen M. R Covey’s Smart Trust shows us how important trust is and the impact it can have. Here’s what’s got my attention:
“As we work with individuals, teams, and organizations around the world, we see time and again those who choose to live and to lead based on trust are the ones who are enjoying the fullness of the benefits of prosperity, energy and joy – as are the societies that have made that choice. Bottom line – one person can make a difference.”
Stephen M. R Covey, from his book Smart Trust

Geography of trust: What’s your style? What is your capacity to make a difference through trust? How can you create more trust in your life?

How to know how trusting you are in your life overall? According to Covey, its a question ofenergy.
Evaluate this: How much energy do you have? The higher your energy levels, the more trusting you tend to be. When you find yourself in low trust situations you get drained because you tend to resist more: resistance requires more energy.
Perceive from the perspective of connection. The experience of connection is the solution: What makes you feel like you belong? Like you make a difference?
The problem is we are perceiving everything from outside of this perception. It’s a question of connecting all the right pieces together, of clarifying your particular connection markers:

*What makes you feel connected, like you belong?

*What gives you that feeling that everything is deeply right in the world?

*Who + what do you deeply trust? What are your anchors, your mainstays, your rocks that you rely on?

*Who or what makes you feel more connected to everything else? It can be your soul mate, a favorite artist or author, your children, your tribe, trees. Pets. Nature. Music. Laughter.

Stay with what you love, what’s most important to you, what inspires + resonates the most and ultimately gives the best feeling. its the feeling you would want to feel always if you could. The deepest, fiercest feeling of connection.

Moi? Singing, Connecting with my tribe, snuggling, laughing, trees, Radiohead, the movie, Stealing Beauty{blows me away every time} Pretty much anything I share. It’s why I share it.
It’s what you can’t help but do. It’s what you end up doing when you finally do let yourself totally goof off + do whatever it is you feel like in the moment. For me this is mostly writing + dance, singing {so powerful}, creating mischief.

It’s what’s most fun. It’s what you would do all the time if you could get away with it. These are your most influential passions, your deepest loves. Indulge them as much as you dare. They are the key to who you are.

Dare to live your wildest, biggest dreams.

You deserve to feel that deep feeling of everything is right in the world

{and know that when you do feel this way, others feel more connected, too: When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything ~ Thich Nhat Hanh}

If you haven’t already got your copy,  I am giving away The Love Manifesto {with the option of pay what you want on the shop page, so we can get Premakarini International rocking}
This book: my way of saying Thank you for having me in your world. It’s what I would want to share if I knew I only had a few days left here {also as in: I only had a few days left  to write it, lol. I came up with the idea from a dare. Dangerous things, those}
Thank you so for being here. And thank you for sharing this intuitive body language insight with your loved ones.
Love that we are connecting! Let’s have fun!
Premakarini xo

This post has been shared by one of our guest bloggers, Premakarini. She vibrates such purity & love & compassion in her writing, that I walk away from every post feeling waves of inspiration & empowerment washing over me, like I have just bathed in the waters of Heaven. She has agreed to share some of her posts here on the Feronia blog, to help inspire & empower all of us too. Please do check out her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Premakarini, her blog at www.premakarini.com or follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/Premakarini
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