When Women’s Gifts Were Not Understood

The story our children will live to tell....When Women’s Gifts Were Not Understood
What if rather than view negative feelings as a hinderance, they were seen as gift?  What if rather than negative feelings being viewed with shame, or as a sign of weakness, or filled with judgment, they were reclaimed as one of our greatest strengths?  What if instead of negative feelings being “the enemy,” they were instead seen as our greatest allies?
This is the story our children will share:
There was a time when women’s gifts were not understood, honored or cherished.  Rather than seen as equally beneficial aspects of the self, the brilliance of the rational mind was placed above the wisdom of intuition.  
This imbalance meant that the rational mind alone was left to try to understand the genius of human emotion, one of the feminine’s inherent gifts.  Yet the rational mind could not recognize the language of emotion using intellect alone.  From this limited perspective, negative feelings appeared as dysfunctional.  
The innate gift of our feelings were split in two, with one side being viewed as good/positive and the other side viewed as bad/negative.  This split caused an internal division within us all, especially women.  What was created as a part of her intuitive wisdom was now being taught to be wrong, bad or weak.  Unknowingly, she turned against herself.  Rather than see her inherent gift as an integral tool to guide her life with greater ease, part of her feelings felt destructive.
The rational mind thought its job was to fix what was considered broken.  All sorts of tools, techniques and medicines were used to try to get rid of what was deemed as negative, destructive, or dysfunctional.  Although some methods appeared to help people, the impact was only short-term.  Because they didn’t understand the core meaning as to why each particular feeling was coming to them, eventually the negative feeling would have no other choice but to come back.  Again all sorts of tools, techniques and medicines would be used to try to rid oneself of their negative feelings.  What they didn’t realize was when their energy went to trying to remove a natural part of themselves, they had less energy to give toward living their best life.
Like a lizard who is told she is more beautiful without her tail, she constantly finds a way to try to cut her tail off, disguise it or otherwise distance herself from it, only for it to grow back or be accentuated time and again.  Rather than feel better, she struggled with self-doubt, fear, worry, and overwhelm (just to name a few).  Unbeknownst to her, she was turning away from one of her most inherent gifts to support her to live her life with greater balance, agility and therefore joy.  
We are fortunate to have moved away from the Emotional Stone Age.  During that dark time, negative feelings were viewed as stones on our path.  We used to fear those stones so much because we were afraid they would trip us up and take us off course.  With that mindset, we used to spend so much time, energy, and money trying to remove all the stones off our path so we could temporarily feel free.  We also used to try to distance ourselves from our negative feelings through trying to rise above them, blame others for how we felt, or live in denial of our true feelings.  These were all poor attempts to try to find our way around our negative feelings without getting too bruised up.  The problem was there were always more stones up ahead to handle.
Thankfully, light has shined upon our negative feelings leaving the Emotional Stone Age behind.  With this light, we still see our negative feelings as stones on our path, yet there is a big difference.  No longer are we illiterate to these loving guidepost.  We now know how each negative feeling carries a unique and specific message to guide us on our path with greater insight and clarity.  Now we can READ the symbolism each stone on our path represents supporting us to navigate our lives with greater ease, energy and joy!  Now we know how to F.E.E.L. as we were intended to: Feel Every Emotion as Love.
It is my highest intention that this is the story our children share.  To do that, we’ll all have to be willing to change our mindset NOW and leave the Emotional Stone Age behind.  Your intention is likely “YES, I am ready to F.E.E.L.!”  Yet, to fully shift out of these dark times, you are going to need practice because you know as well as I do your ego is going to put up a fight.
That is why I have developed my free F.E.E.L. Toolkit.  This toolkit gives you the tools necessary to shift out of the Emotional Stone Age for good.  I’ve been working on this since March to understand where and how emotions appear to trip us up and take us off course, inhibiting our ability to shine from the inside-out.  
The free F.E.E.L. Toolkit is almost ready for delivery ( I know hang in there- we are almost there!!) filled with videos, worksheets, visualizations and a checklist to keep you consciously choosing love over fear.  
The only question left is: 
Are you ready to jump on board a be a part of an emotional revolution?  
Don’t be left behind, 
a new lens of love 
is waiting to shine light 
on all that we F.E.E.L.!