Body Image - Especially for Women

by Wendy Kay, Life Coach

This is the thing…

We spend so much time focused on the appearance of our bodies, some of self-esteem due to nurtured efforts of health and fitness, but most because of what others may think of our appearance.
  • Do we look good in our clothes?
  • Do we look good without clothes?
  • Are we sexy?
  • Will we be found attractive?
  • Am I fat?
  • Is my butt too big?
  • Do I have enough curves?
  • Are my lips/nose too big/small?
So my question is…What IS the REAL Issue here?
Isn’t it that we are concerned how others view us because we want to be desired and loved, and we think we need to look a certain way in order to find or have that?

A woman never need worry about being attractive to a man – Men are just attracted to the woman by nature. Extra weight, odd shape, interesting features…men get excited just by the woman’s form and the thought of being with her (same with women who are attracted to women). They are attracted to the essence of her nature and being. Give it a thought.

So the morale to this story is…stop being SO hard on yourself – you are a beautiful and desirable being with the touch of the woman to offer. When you look at your body, love it – Love You! And know you are a beautiful creature, as intended. Instead, focus on your health and fitness to go through life more comfortable and able as you age. Could that be a better focus for you than you’re own ridicule?

You are whole, complete and perfect just how you are – no matter how you’re packaged.

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