Are You Living Life! Or Just "Doing" It?

by Wendy Kay Life Coach

If you’re really living your life, then you may have noticed a few things. One is that you’re a never-ending work in progress – whether you want to be or not. Second, that you’re life is best lived when you’re feeling what you’re doing – whether it be joy, passion or the moment’s unbelievable dramatic emotion. And finally, that no matter what you do, there is a force that wants to drive you in the direction of your desire – so you might as well stop trying to resist it. Just look at it, and consider allowing it to express in a positive, chosen manner.

When you were a small child, you did as you see small children doing now. They experience life fully – physically and with curiosity and expectation. They think most things will be fun, exciting and happy or good. This is the way you are intended to live your life to the fullest, and how you will naturally find out the how’s and what of your unique, true potential.

It’s discovery. It’s creation. It’s loving, exciting, passion-filled, and it never has to stop. Life lived is a true expression of art (you), and the art of your expression. Your spirit is your truth and surfaces often to be recognized.

You choose to Live Your Life a couple of ways. You can live life like that of the small child: exploring, learning and growing all the time. Or you can choose to get caught up in the one that people will often describe as “getting in the way” of this motion-filled, true and passionate life. Are you familiar with that one?

There’s the life that you “do” because someone, even yourself, expects you to do particular tasks or act in particular ways. Then there is life lived in its true form, as described above. You’re in the large majority if you’re extremely attracted to the life lived version. If it’s a real choice, why aren’t most people living their life? More importantly, why aren’t you (if you’re not)?

As the children described above are tooling along, dancing, singing, breathing fully, making up stories with their imaginations and so on, their never-satisfied curiosity will eventually want to know why they’re being told not to put their hand in the flame, or experience their own experiences. So they tool along doing what they want anyway, and they get metaphorically burned here and there through their experiences (e.g. physically, emotionally). At once fear is born, things get distorted, and they learn to listen to others more and more without question. They begin to doubt the reliance of their own judgment and decisions. And true, no harm was intended by the other.

But life, nor flames, is black and white in nature. So where the child matures and begins to have a healthy respect for the power of fire, fear was still born and enters into other areas of one’s thoughts and, as a result, experiences (i.e. relationships, money, profession, emotions, and so on). Fear can affect all areas of wellbeing in the person, causing physical dis-ease and a conscious and subconscious battle to oppress the free-flow of spirit.

As adults, the whole socialization process has already occurred. Each individual accepted and rejected parts of it. Each takes what they know intuitively, combines it with what they’ve been taught in opposition of that, and tries to come up with some type of comfort level that they can live with. Each realizing that life can be difficult at times; the goal often becomes one of safety, security, comfort and detachment. They build a cozy cave of shelter in thought. S/he got worn from the inner-conflict and just wants to stop working so hard and thinking so hard – just wants to go with the flow of the masses, not knowing that may be the problem. The sacrifice of not living your own life is the inability to experience and express the uniqueness of you.

This creates an ongoing state of confusion (thoughts don’t match feelings) and it doesn’t feel good, or serve you. This is why people keep searching for happiness and can’t find it. Everything a person does is in the pursuit to feel good somehow. Most have forgotten how to really do that by their teens, and the decline increases from there – sometimes even for the remainder of one’s physical experience. It does NOT have to be this way.

If you’re really living your life, you are constantly learning, growing and evolving. When you want something, you will get that thing or experience if you stay the path. You will gain the growth you need to be, do and have what you desire. Sometimes it hits like a storm, and sometimes a whisper, but when you allow your spirit’s desire, your private lessons for growth to obtain that desire will show up. These lessons for growth are not always pleasant; in fact, sometimes down-right hard to get through. But throughout this rainbow-like experience, the sun (the life force) is always shining on you. To grow and learn the lessons to reach your true desires is always worth it, because your life will be forever changed in a good and positive way.

This Is YOUR Life…
Your Life is Your Canvas – Paint what you want,
It’s Your Book to be written – Write what you want,
It’s your Dance to be danced; your Song to be sung.
Live Your Life Fully & Enjoy the Creation.

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