Angel Healing Circles

Angel Healing Circles
with Deborah Lighthart
1-2:30pm on the 1st Sun of Every Month
N112W16760 Mequon Road 
Germantown, WI 53022
262.293.3006   EMAIL

$10-20 Suggested Donation

We all have Angels + Spirit Guides watching over us. This circle is a time to connect with yours, to receive Their Infinite Love + Healing energy and to learn how to tap into it again anytime + anywhere. Deborah is a Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer who will be sharing a variety of techniques including, the laying on of hands, breathing, toning, physical exercise, emotional release and so much more. All energy healers present are invited to share their healing energy with the group as well.

meet the healer.
Deborah Lighthart
Your host, Deborah Lighthart, is an intuitive consultant by trade and has worked with connecting to Angels + Spirit Guides for most of her life. Her goal in this circle is to open the energy within you to receive the healing you need from your own Angels + Spirit Guides, as well as introduce you to tools and techniques that can help you strengthen + maintain that connection. Your journey with them is protected by White Light & is guided by Infinite Love. Enjoy!  

information that we hand out in session.
We are grateful that you can join us in this space & time to share in the awakening of our spiritual being. This is a time of incredible transformation & change in our world and staying aligned with the Higher Energies of the Spirit realm is extremely important. Your presence is extremely important and is deeply appreciated. There is a spark of Light that exists within every living being and as we gather together to share our Light with one another, it creates a collective Light that shines even more brightly. There is a powerful synergy from joining as a group. Your presence today is a vital part of that. So, we thank you.

These sessions are designed to help you connect with your Angels, Spirit Guides, deceased loved ones, ancestors and any other Beings of Love & Light. A professional energy healer offers energies from “the other side” that can help put life in perspective, bring healing to the heart and set your soul at ease.
When the Angels reach out to us, it can spark tears, laughter, emotional release, warmth, anger, introspection or a quiet meditative state. All are invited to share in this experience in their own unique way and to allow their own natural healing process to take place. We ask that all of our guests show support to each other and honor every  individual’s personal process. 

We are all capable of receiving healing from our Angels + Guides at any moment in time. The Angels are here to help all of us whenever + however we need it. Our healers are professionals who just practice receiving + sharing this energy more often than most people. So, we invite you to take a deep breath, relax your body & mind and enjoy this enlightening adventure in extraordinary energy connections.

housekeeping notes.

We keep the lights low + speak softly, since the gentle shifts of energy can be more easily sensed + integrated that way. Everyone is invited to get into a position that is most comfortable for them. You can bring a yoga mat to lay down on the floor, you can be seated in one of our cushioned chairs or bring your own, whatever works best for you. The more comfortable + relaxed you are, the better your Angels will be able to help you.

Some people feel a physical, emotional or mental shift when they attend. The energy of the space has been designed to help your Angels & Guides connect with you better. You may get tingles, shivers, chills, you may feel a pressure on your shoulder, a presence in the room, etc. It is all a natural part of the process. If it becomes uncomfortable for you, please let your host know.
Your Spirit Guides know you more deeply than anyone ever will & are aware of the spaces within you that need healing. Because of this, They will often address issues of an intimate nature. Sessions can become personal, so we ask all guests to please keep any & all information completely confidential.
Many people find after this session that they are in an altered state. The deep & soulful experience of connecting with the Spirits can raise our vibration, giving you a “spiritual high” or making you feel a little “tipsy”. Please be sure that you are safe & able to drive before getting behind the wheel. If you need assistance, please contact your host.

This event raises awareness & funds for Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group providing education & resources on holistic health. Please help us spread the word by sharing this info with your network using the links below.