Write (sing. draw. create) at the edge of your experience: discover your voice

Voice. Explore what you really want to say, what you are saying to the world. Your life is your message: Gandhi. Dive into what’s most important for you to voice right now. For me I am finding a new level of freedom through songwriting.

Write {share} at the very edge of your experience. Dare to be this transparent. Your life is your canvas. You kind of have to put it all out there so you can see the bigger picture.

Nerves > part of this picture. If you could see how nervous I am right now. {lol}
Here’s the best way I can put it into words. When you discover your voice everything starts to make sense. It’s as if it’s a conversation, an interplay that has always been going on but before you had the volume muted or turned down too much so you couldn’t quite hear it. When you discover your voice you start to give it more expression, you step into being more you.

Pablo Picasso: To draw, you must close your eyes and sing

Trust where you are at in your creative process is perfect, that what comes through you is perfect in the big picture. Aim to see this more.

It’s a really powerful time to explore and share your voice right now. Listen to your voice in as many ways as you can. Read your writing more, watch your body language closely when you dance, when you move. Your life is your greatest work of art.

“When you discover your voice it colours the way you’re drawn into a song.” Thom Yorke

I am starting to trust when my voice is really coming through more clearly when I sing. I can hear the difference when I am still holding back. You hold back for so many reasons, one of which I am discovering is to protect others, usually at great personal cost. Years ago, when I first began to allow myself to remember what had happened to me as a child, once it started to emerge through my mind, when I first dared to share it with a close loved one, they literally lost their voice while talking on the phone.

The more I sing, the more I understand. On my recent 9 day offline retreat, I sang, wrote song lyrics, started to choose sounds that I want to work with. I am in the process of creating film that incorporates my voice, music + dance.

It’s always a question of permission, of how much freedom you allow yourself. Expand your comfort zone, honor your experience.

This is why doing what you love, living your passions full on, experimenting with new ideas and what pulls on you is so f**king powerful. This is you being more you.

It’s happening to everyone right now. You are seeing it everywhere. So many people are talking about this right now.

Conversation: one of the most powerful catalysts. You talk {communicate} through what you do, what you share, what you allow yourself to experience: what you allow through you.

Resonance. Share what most resonates. Pay attention. What really moves you, what affects you the 
most powerfully? Be aware that you will most probably resist this level of what you will consider an indulgence. Don’t waste time + make my mistake of looking for other things like it” when you find it. This is just classic resistance at play.

Move. What moves you is you. You’re not blissed out all the time because your energy gets stuck. Dance. Move. Energy follows sound. Shake things up, let yourself be shaken. Let the emotions surface + release. It’s okay to feel any + everything. Trust yourself this much.

Intrigue. Give in. once you surrender enough, you’ll realize this is actually the wrong word for what’s really going on. Surrender implies there was a choice. But this is more than okay: you’ll be too happy and having way too much fun to care at this point.
Looking forward to hearing what this opens up for you in your experience,
much love,
Premakarini xo

post script > some song lyrics {as they are captured in my journal}


impossible fascination
playing in the gap
between everything
where we move
butterfly beautiful
every nerve
pure desire
innocence: returning
{its going where it wants to}
love won’t be told what to do
electric anticipation {holds me}
when I next
see you

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Deborah Lighthart