Tarot Card Readings
By Email

Tarot Readings by Email
with Sandra
Detailed Email Readings on Love, Career, Finances + more

Sandra has been a student of the Tarot since the mid 1990's.  Always interested in Tarot, astrology, and numerology and the spiritual world, she uses the Tarot to reveal what is going on in a client's life and what may lie ahead.  A believer in free will, Sandra's theory is that it's better to know some of the pitfalls that may be in the future so you can change your life path in order to avoid the problem altogether. Previously, she has worked at the Bastille days psychic tent, and done private readings for friends, and friends of friends.  She will do her best to give you as accurate a reading as she can.

In addition to her email Tarot readings, Sandra is now offering Pendulum readings.  Ask any question that can be answered with a Yes or No response and she will give you the answer.  

1-Card Reading  $10
Ask a question about your life or just get a focused Tarot message

5-Card Reading  $25
What the you are putting your energy into now, what you are feeling now, what's going on in your life, your love and creativity, your current obstacle.

12-Card Reading  $50
Things that have happened in the past, what's going on now, how you are feeling now, what you can expect in the future, obstacles that may be standing in your way, love and creativity, what's changing in your life, what you may have done in the past that you don't want to repeat again + how to avoid it, and the final outcome.

"I am very pleased with your reading, feel much comfort and relief. Thank you!!" - Pamela C., Lake Tahoe

Wow Sandra, this makes more sense than you could ever know. Thank you so much, because it gives me a bit of hope that he may get his life straightened out and we may be together again. My gut has always told me that we will, but he is currently in a bad place in his life. Bless you." - Leigh

"Good reading!" - Patti

"Thank you so much for the reading.  I read over it quickly (because I'm at work), and will digest it better/slower tonight.  It resonates as truth....I have felt I'm not ready yet... I will pray about this as well as work on the other preparations I need to make to manifest this next part of my journey. I will definitely be checking in with you again!" - Cherylann

"Thanks for your accurate reading." - Lori

"Wow, I don't really know what to say! I am in tears (happy tears!)... I am so very grateful for you! Thank you for my reading...I will definitely pass along your information." - Emily

"my reading was very accurate of whats goin on in my life. thank u" - Katie