Full Moon Meditation - Monday

Full Moon Meditation
Each full moon is another in a series of gateways, or portals, in which we are receiving an abundance of divine blessings and healing energy, becoming more and more powerful as we draw closer to the final completion of this great cycle (12/21/12).

We will begin with a Medicine Wheel Ceremony (to honor the Earth, the Sun, the Air, the Water, the 7 directions, our ancestors, spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, saints, prophets and the one Creator). Then go into a deep resting meditation (similar to Yoga Nidra) and a group healing session where I will help you to facilitate the release of your stress, tension, fears and any other negative thoughts or feeleings that you have been holding onto, which have been blocking the flow of healing energy in your body and your life.

The more you practice, the deeper you go and the more divine blessings you receive.


Healing Magic

 W71 N882 Harrison Ct.
Cedarburg, Wi 53012

Weather permitting, we will go outside to meditate on a ceremonial hill, under the direct light of la Luna.

If you are a little late, you can meet us outside on the hill, It is on Harrison St, just across the street from Parkview Elementary School:

Just 25 min north of downtown Milwaukee!
Free will Donation
(suggested $10-$20)

Kids are welcome!
Peter Ross Voigt is a certified massage therapist and energy healer currently living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin.

He has been in the healing arts field for over 25 yrs, with a wide array of experience in many fields, including Shamanism, Tantra, Kundalini Yoga, Martial Arts, Rebirthing, acu-pressure, polarity and remote healing.

Peter travels the world teaching classes, workshops and exotic retreats on healing energy, Tantric spirituality, Tantric massage and preparing ones self for 12/21/12. He has taught thousands of people in various classes, workshops and private trainings at Yoga  Ashrams and Retreats all over the world. His students include complete beginners to professional healers and everything in between. He has a teaching style that is fun and entertaining, yet extremely effective. You will go beyond the theories and concepts to a direct experience of Tantra, energy and Spirit.

Peter creates a wonderful space for learning, healing & transformation, and he can help you to attain your goals & dreams.


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Healing Magic · W71 N882 Harrison Ct · Cedarburg, WI 53012
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