Winter Solstice Meditation + Drum Circle

Winter Solstice Drum Circle
7:00–8:30pm  Fri Dec 21
Feronia Wellness Center
N112W16760 Mequon Rd
Germantown,WI 53022
Please bring a bell or bells, so we can ring in the new season.

On the auspicious December 21st Solstice, we will be ushering in the beautiful Solar Light Energy of Christ Consciousness and Divine Love. Please join us for an incredible once in a lifetime experience to integrate the Solar Light Energy that will awaken our Fifth Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies. These are the energies that will initiate the New Golden Age and awaken the Soul of Humanity.

Each person will be anointed with Rose Oil to represent our increasing Divine Love Energy. We will work with the Five Elements that represent the energies of Creation for all living things, and a special energy elixir that will enhance the process of transformation for each person in the group. A healing crystal blessed with the energy of this Meditation will be gifted to each person in attendance.

We will incorporate prayer, meditation, candles, essential oils, holy water, energy elixirs, and the healing benefits of the sound of drums, Tibetan and Crystal Bowls in this ceremony. Our group effort will be dedicated to awaken the Christ Consciousness within the heart each person on our planet during the incoming cycle of transformation for all humankind.

The ancient art of drumming has been around for 35,000 years. Drumming provides an opportunity to learn, to connect, and to heal through the experience of a drumming group.

A limited number of drums and shakers will be available. Participants are invited to bring their own as well.

Experience the sound and vibration of the various types of drums, shakers, Tibetan bowls, and Crystal Bowls.

We will begin with a prayer, experience the healing of the instruments, share our intentions  and end with prayer.  

Pattie Peterson, of Anishinabe, Ojibway roots, has been participating/leading-drumming circles since 1994. Her journey with the drum began in 1992 following the guidance and teachings of Brooke Medicine Eagle.

Healing Body, Mind and Spirit Through Reiki, Education and Ceremony

Teacher/Facilitator: Peig Myota BSN, MSW, OMOHC. Peig is a Spiritual Counselor and Metaphysical Teacher who is on the faculty of the International Jamilian University in Reno, NV. She has traveled globally to study energy healing and spiritual traditions across all cultures. Her most recent trips were to South Africa and Zimbabwe to experience the ancient solar cultures that lived there.   

* One scholarship per class is available to those experiencing financial hardship. Please contact Peig directly for details.