Cool the Rising Summer Heat

In Ayurveda, the ancient holistic healing system from India, maintaining good health throughout the year requires living in harmony with the natural cycles of the seasons. This is because your outer environment influences your inner world.

Each season has specific characteristics and factors which can affect your well-being.  Knowing how to adjust to the changes in the outer environment through the food you eat, the type and amount of exercise you do, even the clothes you wear is vital to enjoying good health.

Here in Wisconsin, we have fully entered into the pitta season of summer which is dominated by heat and is characterized by the qualities of hot, bright and sharp.  If you already have a heated bodytype or constitution, it won’t take much of the summer sun and heat to aggravate your body and mind.  Luckily, when you get an excess of this heat, your body will begin to tell you about the imbalance through signs and symptoms.  When you pay attention and understand what those signs mean, you can then take action to remedy them.

Signs that your pitta heat is rising:

  • Acid indigestion, reflux and heartburn have increased or have begun giving you grief.
  • You're skin feels like it is raw and on fire plus you are experiencing acne, rashes or hot and irritated skin conditions.
  • You’ve come down with an infection that spikes a fever.
  • Your find yourself having temper outbursts over minor aggravations or often feel frustrated and irritable.
  • You are suddenly waking up in the very early hours of the morning and then find it difficult to get back to sleep.
  • Your thirst has increased significantly and you are hot the majority of the time.
To keep your body and mind in balance this summer, you need to make a few simple seasonal adjustments.  While this may sound like a new concept, you actually are likely already doing just that!  As the temperatures heat up, you naturally begin to shift from eating hot soups to cooler salads.  The sweaters go on the shelf while the shorts, sundresses, and sunglasses come out.  You begin to exercise in the cooler parts of the day and are more attracted to water activities that cool off the body.

Seasonal transitions mark a great opportunity to recalibrate your body and increase your awareness about what YOU need to stay in balance.  As an individual, you have a unique biochemistry different than anyone else and will be affected by the season in different ways.  In addition to this, your current state of health, what health conditions and symptoms you’re already experiencing, also need to be considered.

In summer, the general countermeasure to the heat is fairly obvious - stay cool -- both physically and emotionally.  To find out exactly what you need to maintain balance through the summer heat, contact Jamie Durner of Ayurveda Wellness @ 262-389-5835 to schedule your professional Ayurvedic assessment or find out more information at

©2012, Jamie Durner, Ayurvedic Natural Health Practitioner and Wellness Educator