AngelSpeaK Special Guest: Marilyn Murphy

Marilyn Murphy

A little bit about me:
I was born and raised in Santa Venetia, California. Santa Venetia means "little Venice”. We lived on the water. My mother was a native Hawaiian, born and raised. She was a healer, an intuitive, and clairvoyant. My father was a gifted intuitive, master of meditation, and all knowledge in regards to the metaphysical realms. I consider myself holistic, that's how I was raised... I am an intuitive, medium, and clairvoyant.  Clairsentience has happened on a few readings while family members ask for details about a loved one’s’ passing. I don’t ask for these things, they just come. I have been blessed with many gifts. I know my life's purpose is to share what I know, and see, and to bring peace, comfort, and sometimes direction, to help people on their journey here on earth. I grew up with both parents who were the founders of “society of enlightenment” in RENO NEVEDA in the 1980’s.  I can’t remember a time when I didn’t know things, I wasn’t supposed to know. This is how it works for me. Spirits on the other side see my bright light and they know they can tell me anything and I, in return, can let their loved ones know. Spirit always knows things before I even do. I know who ever the message is for, I will be meeting with them soon. Sometimes it’s like putting a puzzle together. Other times I see a snap shot, like a picture, and other times it’s like a movie clip. My hope is that, if you have questions you need answers to, I can help. You are today where your thoughts have brought you; you will be tomorrow, where your thoughts take you.


My friend Marilyn has a warm, generous spirit and is a gifted intuitive reader, medium, and clairvoyant. She will be my guest at the Kindred Spirit Center.  If you've not experienced the gifts of a reader before, this will be a comfortable and private opportunity. In change, loss of a loved one or uncertainty, insights like these are comforting, reassuring, helpful.”  Anne Wondra

“Marilyn helped me to get my thoughts straight and my mind clear, with kindness and understanding. ...She has enabled me to grow and see the true meaning in life. Also through Marilyn's insights I have become a stronger woman and can validate the things she told me. She has been so spot on, it is a comfort to know a gifted Clairvoyant such as Marilyn.... I will and have recommended Marilyn to my family and friends.” - Robin  Have an open mind, spirits on the other side want to help.

To schedule an appointment, contact Marilyn directly at 414-449-3422. LIVE, LAUGH& LOVE. Blessings.