5 Tips for "Making the Time"

One common need I’ve found working with clients, and have also experienced in my own life, is finding a way to make the time for what we really want to do, or get done. It’s interesting, if you look at it, how our society operates in regards to time and money. We fill up all of our time, to the point of thinking we don’t have enough, because we’re not spending it how we want to. And we have a tendency to max out our finances, because we always want more “stuff,” but then we don’t budget enough, maybe, to take all those vacations we’d like to be going on quarterly.

The irony is, that we all want time and financial FREEDOM! Right? I do! So what do we do?

Let’s start out with time, and then maybe let it carry over into the financial area of life. Here are 5 Tips to help organize your life to create more “free” time to do more of what you really want to do. But I’m warning you, you’ll want to have an idea of what you want the extra time for, or you will end up filling it with what you think you “should” do, or what someone else wants you to do with it. So start out by writing down 1-3 things that you want to create some time for in your busy life.

1. Stop – Think Ahead – Make a Plan for the upcoming day, week – even month: (You will save time with planning!) Look at your Morning Schedule, and get organized ahead of time; your Evening/Weekend Schedules; your Work Schedule; then schedule in some You-Time for what you really want to do.

2. List Your To-do’s & Prioritize: Ask yourself: What is serving me and what isn’t – Get Rid of what Isn’t! *Take a critical look at what you’re doing. People actually spend a lot of time doing things that really aren’t serving them – this is the simplest way to find more time.

3. Don’t Be Your Own Energy Drain:
  • Stop wasting your time and energy getting upset when you run into obstacles – Start to realize that “obstacles” are just “opportunities” to do something different. There are no obstacles with determination. Set your mind with a “get it done” attitude and you’ll gain energy in the process. Wishing a thing wasn’t so is an energy drain.
  • Don’t waste your time and energy feeling guilty about anything or worrying about things. Engaging in guilt or worry is a useless waste of time and the biggest energy drains! They absolutely don’t help anything or accomplish anything (except you feeling bad = Energy Drain!) – so why do it? *If this self-defeating thinking is a chronic habit of yours and you need help to re-gain control of your thinking (One of the things you actually DO have control over), you may want to take advantage of my HOUR OF POWER! and I can coach you into a new perspective.
  • Not Making/Working a Plan of action will often drain your energy as you run around in circles trying to get everything done when you don’t really know what you’re supposed to be doing next. You may get lost in Non-Priorities for hours, while the Real Priorities loom over your head and drain you. *Take 10 minutes to plan to Save Hours in confusion.
  • “Waiting” for Someone Else To Do it – Drain! Decide if it’s important enough or worth the wait, then do it yourself if you can or delegate/hire the task to someone else.
4. Be Accountable to Yourself & Make Your Priorities Happen: Only you are accountable for making what you want to happen, happen. Take that responsibility and then follow through for yourself. You are so powerful in your own actions (the other thing you DO have total control over). Understand cause & effect/action & response (consequences).

5. Motivate Yourself with Success: If you know why you’re doing something, and the payoff is big enough for you, you will automatically be motivated to do it. Success is the pursuit of your worthy ideal. Start thinking: What am I doing? What am I working toward in doing this? It may be that you find one of those “Not Serving Me – Get Rid of It” tasks that you can eliminate to make more time!