Water Witch

What is water witching?  I am not sure as I feel like I was just an observer; a puppet to find out about this.

Six months ago, I got an email from a lady who said that she was looking for a dowser.  That's me.  How can I help you?  It seems that this lady had a water problem on some property that she owns.  Now a water problem can be anything from a dry well to broken pipes so I asked what was happening and what kind of water problem did she have?  She mentioned that her family had purchased an old church along with a school house and she wanted to make it into a healing center but the sump pump puts out water all the time, winter and summer.  The bad part was that this water runs over the parking lot and in the winter, it is a liability for anyone on their property. 

I asked if she would send me a map of this property so I could dowse and find out what was happening.  She sent me an aerial picture and in this picture it was very obvious where the water runs as it has left marks from the minerals in the water on the black top.

Trying to dowse this map gave me no information.  I had the address, it was about 15 miles from my house so I decided to go out and get a feel for the area.

I pulled into the parking lot and started to dowse along the north side of the church where the water pipe was coming out.  I found water underground at the half way mark along this side of the church.  So I went to the west side and again I found water at the half way mark on the back of this church.  I dowsed along the south side but found no water and then for good measure, I checked the east side with nothing showing up. 

So I headed back to the west side and measured the width of this water.  At that time it was about 2 feet wide.  Then I dowsed for the depth and found that it was eight to 10 feet down. 

The next step was to see where the edges of the water were.  I followed one edge from the middle of the west side of the building to the south west corner of the property.  Next I went around to the north side to see where this edge was and from where I stood, I could see where this water was headed.  Across the street to the east,  the land dropped a lot on the other side of the main country road going by the front of the church.  About 400 feet directly east from this property was a creek that was following the north and south direction of this main road.  So this water was trying to get down to that creek.

It was time to get to know the property.  I started along the south edge of the property that was lined with long needled fir trees only 12 to 15 feet high.  They were a wonderful wind breaker.  I asked what they thought about my moving this water so that these buildings can become a beacon of healing light again like it was when it was occupied as a church.  The fir trees were excited about this.

I went to the west side of the property where a large tree was standing on the property line.  It had lost most of its leaves already but I asked again; if I decided to do this project would this tree consent to help pull the water in its direction with its roots.  I got an agreement. 

Next, I went and sat next to the largest maple on the property.  It is situation almost dead center of the whole area.  There is another maple close by but not as large.  I talked to the large maple and she agreed to help with the project also, as did the other maple. 

So my next question was posed to the whole property.  I wanted the consent and  cooperation of everyone there.  I got it big time. 

Driving home, I felt good about this project.  I emailed the owner and told her that she had a creek running through the property and going under the church's north west corner.  I mentioned that it could be moved.  She seemed pleased but the subject got dropped so I forgot about it for the rest of the season.

I heard from them this spring and they wanted to know if I was still interested.  I told them that I was and that I had moved it a few inches by myself last fall but perhaps it would take a few other people to do this.

We decided on a date.  She contacted a few people and I contacted a few people.

The night before the set date, I did some meditation and asked for my angels, guide and the RA group if they would like to help  and assist in this project.  I was rewarded with several pictures that would be wonderful.

Some of our contacts couldn't do this at the last moment.  Five of us showed up.  We did a small ceremony to draw in all the spirits of this property which included the Devas and everyone that would be interested in seeing this property move forward as healing center.  Then we stationed the five of us on the water line on the west side of the property.  (In my meditation the night before, I had been given information that if we would move the water on the back of the property, the north side would follow and pull out from under the church due to the lay of the land.)

I had a large pipe that I placed at the point where I wanted to start a turn with this water.  After I hit the pipe three time to send a resonance down to the water,  one of the psychic helpers asked where I wanted the water to be moved to.  At that time, I thought she was asking for her own information (I remember telling the group before we started that we needed to clear the corner of the church so this seemed strange.) She stated it more emphatically a second time in the next sentence. "They want to know where you want this water to be moved to?"  So I grabbed a stick of wood and put it about five feet north of the corner of the church. 

One assistance had a drum and I asked her to create a cadence for the rest of us.  Then we visualized going down the ten feet with our hands and putting them under the moving water. (It feels like moving a waterbed mattress.)  And in a very short time, moving ahead one step at a time, we had reached the wooden stick.  I dowsed and the water had been moved.  I went around to the north side of the church and no water was found in the ground near the building.

When I came back everyone was standing there looking at the psychic, who was on her hands and knees communicating with the ground.  She said, "Why did you want to put the thought form damn down between the new creek and the church?"  (It was my plan but I hadn't mentioned it to anyone.) Before I had a chance to explain what this plan was, she started to giggle and said, "Don't you trust our work?" 

Whoa, I guess it is time to listen and learn.  This became a new paradigm for me.  When I ask spirit to do something, I need to believe that it is done.  We all stood there trying to believe what we heard and the psychic said, "A thank you is needed." 

I had planned to do a thank you closing ceremony but instead we all just stood there and said our thank you to all the beings around.  I think we all were a little intimidated. 

The sump pump was still putting water in the parking lot so I asked the psychic to find out about that.  She said that they will need three days to dry out the area under the church.

The psychic explained that if you want something done, be very specific.  They want to help us but don't know what we have in mind unless we spell it out. 

I had read a few things having to do with 2012 and the fact that there has been an influx of spiritual beings that have come to help us in whatever way we ask.  They can't do anything unless we ask. (Ask and it shall be given.)

It is my belief at this point, that the five of us were window dressings and that all the invisible beings that we had called in and were around us did the work.   The owner did mention that they had many people who couldn't be there but were praying for this water project.

Life is very humbling.   All this time I thought we would have to "effort" to do this project.  We really do make life very hard on ourselves when we only need to believe.

This article was brought to you by, Phyllis Heitkamp:  Master Herbalist, Author and Dowser.