People Don't Think

by Wendy Kay Life Coach

When I heard Earl Nightingale several years back on his attention-getting, eye-opening CD, The Strangest Secret (Nightingale-Conant), say "People don't think," and went on to further site a study of how the majority of people don't even know why they go to work in the morning, I was amazed. I guess I was amazed at the percentage of people who actually admitted that they do it because...that's what everyone else does. 
True enough societies, and sub-cultures, largely accept a group-thought concept and conformity, and call it the "norm." And what happens is, people often get tired of fighting it, they accept it, they don't want to "rock the boat," and eventually do conform to a lot of the ways of those in their environment. Then they get lazy and stop thinking for themselves. This is usually set in stone soon after high school, college or a few years into the workforce. 
The problem is, what works for one doesn't necessarily work for others. The "norm" isn't serving everyone's purpose, passion and unique gifts - only a few. And what isn't realized by most, is that while we all have unique talents to offer the world, and our own happiness and lives to pursue, if we all do what everyone else does, it only logically ends up like this: A few happy, most unhappy, demands on time that are a waste of most people's time, obligations satisfied for a few, but done by many, and so on. Boring! And a total waste of many people's lives.
So the message in The Strangest Secret is, and one I concur with, is that our success, our happiness, is in our pursuit of our own worthy ideal. We control our own thoughts and our own actions. We get to choose what we think and how we act in every moment. We get to decide how we spend our time and our attitudes toward life. We get to decide what we want, and that we will do, have, and be that. We have that personal power. Yes. Yes. Yes we do!
When we use our own personal power, and we are in alignment with our own passion and purpose, then we activate the attraction to the wellbeing of the universe that is constantly coming to us, because nothing inside us is resisting it. Any resistance, including that to the "norm," interferes with the positive flow of the life source. So we must understand that these things are instilled within us to be realized. There is no other reason for our dreams and desires for better (for us), to continue to call out to our minds during our lifetime - it's our Spirit, our spiritual consciousness, connecting to our mental consciousness for a let you know you can. You can do what you want to do.
With the added support of the life source (God, the universe, higher power, nature), all "obstacles" become opportunities for positive growth and forward movement in your pursuit. Take some time to think about what it is that you really want in and of your life; how you want to spend your time and what you want your attitude to be about life.
What do You want? What do You want? What do You want?
When you get your answer - Do that!

Enjoy Your Journey ~

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Otiti said…
Yes! I'm so happy to read something like this because it shows an awareness of the need for enlightenment! Why are we here? Why do we do what we do? What does it MEAN to us? Inasmuch as we need rules and standards to maintain order in our society, we also need flexibility and minds open to new thoughts + possibilities because different things work for different people. Charting our own path to meet our needs is scary but essential to spiritual growth and actualising our dreams. Thank you so much for sharing this!! :D