SO Grateful to Be a MOM! (But You Don't Have to Give Birth to Be One!)

Wishing all Moms a Happy Mother's Day today! Whether you gave birth or just play the Mom role to step children, nieces and nephews, or anyone who needs a Mom-figure and you regularly or occasionally get to play the part, I know that today you can feel proud of the nurturing you've given to others. And I know that your heart has been filled with love & joy when giving your love through word or action to others. 
Today is the annual day for others to recognize and appreciation you for all you do. But truly having the experiences in our lives is it's own reward while doing it. So thank you to those who allow us to do it as well.
Since the day my daughter, Sawyer, was born, I have never let a day go by without thanking God for the greatest gift of my life. And though she's now a teenager who thinks she knows more than me (and sometimes she does actually), which occasionally comes out in resistance, judgment of me and an attitude of superiority, I see right through it and grateful to know I'm raising an independent, strong, loving girl who thinks for herself. She really is amazing! 
When she was little and getting bigger, I used to watch her and just felt the joy in my heart because I've never felt the love I have as a mother does toward her child, and everything she did gave me such feelings of joy. The one thing that Sawyer has given to me throughout her life is that she makes me laugh more than anyone else I've ever known. We laugh because we think the same things are funny - and we laugh because when I think I'm being funny, and she doesn't, she'll make fun of me thinking I'm funny, and I'm left totally amused by that too.
What can I say, I love being a Mom! I'm so fortunate. I get to mother my older sister's kids at times too, and she does mine. In fact, my oldest nephew was the first kid I ever really liked and found joy with in my life; and I still think of him as a son today. I've mothered the different staff I directed over the years, and the students I've worked with. Really, I'll "mother" anyone who wants any nurturing, care and love that I have to offer.
The beauty of Mothering is that you don't have to give birth to be mothering in someone's life. What I found early in life, is that there are special women in the world that can offer you what you need, when you need it. I believe women are nurturing by nature. But sometimes when we look just to our mothers for what we need, there may be limits - due to them going through something on their own or not being developed in areas we need help with or whatever. The absolutely wonderful thing about the world we live in, is that there are many women who can add to our lives in ways. And whatever we need, there is someone there to help us if we let them.
I have been so fortunate to have enjoyed many women's nurturing over the years; they have given me unconditional love and much inspiration. To name a few: Muriel, Lillian, and the most wonderful woman in my world, Tina, who has been mothering me since I was 22.
Of course I'm grateful for my birth mother who gave me life and love, and helped me become the person that I am, until I lost her 10 years ago this month. And for my grandma, who I lost just last month who exposed me to the wonders of this great big world and always told me I'd land on my feet as I struggled through my teenage years. (Love you both always!)
Well, I just thought I'd be a little self-indulgent (since it's Mother's Day and all) and throw out a post to share my joy with the rest of the mothers in the middle of doing my Gratitude List (a practice given to me by Tina). Thanks for reading, and I would love to hear what you're joys are as a mother if you care to share. : )
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