First Energy Clearing ~ 1/2 price

Sometimes life can feel overwhelming. Our energy runs down, and we no longer like the way we look or feel.  Just the thought of making changes to take better care of ourselves can be depressing.

I've worked with cutting edge, whole-food, organic nutritionals for over 20 years. I combine a guided nutrition program with a unique method of clearing emotional energy, so your result is glowing health and a more youthful, pain-free, energetic body that brings you joy.

If you have struggled with weight issues or chronic illness, you will find a unique approach here to healing and energizing you.

I'll lead you through a process to heal your body, mind and spirit. 
· We'll discover what is blocking you- trapped energy from past trauma, anxiety or illness can cause problems for you today.
· We'll remove Toxic Emotions that are hindering your health. 
· We'll discover what your body needs to feel well - everyone's nutritional needs are different.

When your personal energy is balanced and flowing well, and your body is thriving with good nutrition, then you will begin to feel the joy. 

Hear what people are saying about The Joy of Being Well ~

"Mary is an incredibly gifted individual.  Her passion in life is to heal others."

"Mary helped me to release a lot of emotional baggage I've been holding onto since I was a little girl."

"She helped with pain I was having in my lower back."

I can't express in words how much happiness I have within me.  These are feelings I have not felt in over 10 years! "

"I love the lightness I feel in my heart and body, after each session with Mary, knowing that events of the past now hold less power over the present and future. "

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Mary Crawford
The Joy of Being Well

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