Brain Longevity

Take care of your brain as part of living a long and healthy life.
Your brain is a muscle and, like your other muscles, it needs to be cared for.  However, aside form mental exercises to stay sharp like doing crossword puzzles and basic stress relief techniques, there is not much talk about a holistic approach for the brain and the nervous system.

Saturday, May 26 from 10:00 – 11:15 am you can join Jamie Durner of Ayurveda Wellness at Good Harvest Market to get a better understanding from the holistic Ayurvedic perspective of …
  • what impacts brain and nervous system function in general
  • how it is affected by your daily activities and how different individuals can be affected
  • what role menopause and aging play it the cycle of seeming deterioration
  • discuss simple changes in lifestyle and diet that can help keep the nervous system balanced, especially as one ages
  • learn a special body-mind exercise to help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
To register for the "Brain Longevity" presentation, with a fee: $5, contact GHM at 262-544-9380.   Additional questions or scheduling a 15 minute complimentary consultation can be taken by contacting Jamie Durner at 262-389-5835.