2012 is NOW

Three days ago, on Sunday, we experienced a planetary phenomena that I managed to tap into. It has left me stronger, more grounded and clear than I have ever been.
You know about the Solar eclipse. You may also know how the new moon was aligned perfectly with the sun. That day, the moon was the furthest away from the earth that it ever gets. Thus, it appeared smaller against the sun, creating the fiery corona or "Ring of Fire".
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In addition, I learned that the Earth, Moon and Sun were also in alignment with the central star of the Pleiades (Alcyone) AND the Galactic Sun at the center of our spiral galaxy! It is from the core of our galaxy that we received an immense emission of divine light and healing energy to help us all with our processes - AND - recallibrate the energy of the Earth and all her life to a higher frequency. This "gateway" is said to be open for 3 days before and after the actual event, (7:30pm CST, Sunday, May 20), to tap into and take advantage of this energy. This means it will be open until 7:30pm tonight.
On Sunday I participated in a group meditation (MedMob Milwaukee) that was coordinated with similar groups all over the world. In this meditation, I connected as I always do, with the core of our planet and the core of our sun. But this day was so special and powerful. Because of the great alignment, I could see the energetic connection coming from the core of the Earth, passing through me (& all of us), passing through the new moon, our bright sun, the sun of the Pleiades, all the way into the core of the Galactic Sun.
Then I could see and feel the pure and potent love/light energy coming from the core of our galaxy, passing through and gathering power & love from Alcyone , our own sun & moon, coming down into my (our) light bodies, all the way down, into the core of the Earth.
From there, the energy spread to all of the power spots (Chakras) of the earth and all of the meditating groups and individuals all over the surface of the planet. It quickly spread, connecting in a global grid of light, love and harmony. It appeared to me as an energetic activation and awakening like none other the earth has ever seen before.
Personally, I feel more energized and grounded than I have ever been. This energy is now available to each of us. All you need to do is have the desire and intention to connect with it and bring it into your self.

How to connect: It's really very simple. Find a quite peaceful place to relax and sit or lie down. Breathe deeply and visualize the moon, sun and stars all lined up with the center of our spiral galaxy. Breathe it in through the top of your head and exhale out the base of your spine, into the Earth. Then reverse: inhale up from the core of the earth, exhale up into the moon, sun and stars, into the massive sun at the center of the galaxy. This is one way to connect. There are many more.
This is a powerful time and we all have much work to do.

The energy will continue to build as we get closer to 12/21/12. Every new and full moon is another gateway. Every equinox, solstice and eclipse also. You can use these gateways to help build and strengthen your energy to prepare you for your destiny.

I am here as a helper and a resource for you during these days of transition. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


Peter Ross Voigt

Please pass this on to whomever you feel may benefit


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9 day
"End of the World"
Tropical Retreat

December 14-22, 2012
Puerto Rico

While it can be fun to joke about, I - like the Mayan Elders -  do not believe the world is going to end in 2012, or anytime in the foreseeable future. We believe that an old cycle of civilization is coming to an end, and a new era has already begun. We can see the changes already manifesting in the world. Things will get worse before they get better, but for those who are prepared, this is a time of hope and liberation, where we can finally realize our highest potential as Human Beings! 

For those who have been to Puerto Rico, you know there is a beauty and power here that is unique in all the world. It has recently been revealed that this small island holds one of the primary Chakras for the planet. Since the time of Atlantis, this has been a place of healing and transformation. Now it is being re-activated and the results can be felt throughout the island.

This retreat is the spiritual adventure of a lifetime - for all of us! 
Using the healing power of Tantra, Shamanism & the Earth, we will visit the most beautiful and powerful places of Puerto Rico, bringing healing and joy to all  areas of your life through Medicine Wheels and sacred ceremonies. Yoga on pristine beaches. Spiritual initiations in crystal clear ponds, below waterfalls in the mountainous rainforest of El Yunque. Meditate in ancient caves used for healing ceremonies for thousands of years.

Very restful and nurturing, a relaxed pace and a spirit of fun & adventure will complement a spiritual journey of healing and power that will transform your body, spirit and life - FOREVER!
Winter Solstice & END of Mayan Calendar

The trip will climax with a group meditation & healing session at a very sacred spot, known as one of the 7 primary chakras of the Earth.  

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