10 days remaining...

10 days left to get Massage & Healing by Donation  (through May 2012).  You pay only what you can afford and feel it's worth to you.

This is a true Free Will Donation, so I graciously accept whatever is offered.

I need your help!
The only way this will work is if the people who really need it know about it, so I am calling upon you to help spread the word. Please forward this e-mail to whomever you think may benefit. If you've had a chance to experience my work already, send a note along to let them know that I'm for real and not a crazy person (mostly). Also you could invite people to a Facebook event that I am creating: http://www.facebook.com/healingmagic?ref=tn_tnmn#!/events/328421527230973/ 

If you have connections with any newspapers, magazines or TV stations, please let me know and I could send you a Press Release.

Thank you very much for your kind support!

Peter Ross Voigt

Here is my massage schedule for the rest of this month:
Day Date Available Times
Tue 22-May 10am, 12 Noon, 3pm
Wed 23-May 12 Noon; 6pm
Thu 24-May 12 Noon; 6pm
Fri 25-May 10am, 3pm
Sat 26-May 10am, 12 noon
Sun 27-May 12 noon
Mon 28-May 12 Noon, 4pm. 6pm
Tue 29-May 10am, 12 Noon, 3pm
Wed 30-May 12 Noon; 6pm
Thu 31-May 12 Noon; 6pm
 * I build flexibility into my schedule, so if I do not already have a clent booked immediately before or after, I am happy to adjust the starting time to fit your schedule.

Donation Special is valid at my beautiful, Zen Studio in Cedarburg, just 20 miles north of downtown Milwaukee.

Housecalls available at normal rates

COST.  If you want to find a really good massage in the MIlwaukee area, you could look at some of the very nice Spas and hotels in town, and you may find a great massage there – or you may not. Either way, you might pay as much as $100 for a 1 hour session, or up to  $150 for a 90 minute session.

I give you a complete 90 minute session for $100   -  DONATION ONLY -  through May 2012.  I reserve 2hrs per client to ensure that you will not be rushed.

Many people have advised me to raise my prices, but I resist that idea. I think it is important to keep my prices affordable. I am charging the same today as I was charging 20 years ago.

However, many of my expenses continue to rise. My solution to this, instead of raising my prices is just to share this information with you and give you permission to tip. Tipping is completely optional with massage (unlike a restaurant), but it will help me to deal with rising costs without raising my prices. Thank you for your understanding and support.

About my Massage: 
A private session with me can be a bit difficult to describe, even for one who has been through it. It is not all that different from a normal massage – in outer appearance. But in what is experienced (spiritually & energetically) accomplished and achieved in a session, it can be worlds apart.

First of all, you receive a very relaxing, nurturing therapeutic massage that kneads all of the stress out of the muscles in your neck, back & shoulders. You release many layers of stress that you’ve been carrying around with you for months and even years. Then we work with the energy of the Earth to draw the stress, anxiety, fear, shame guilt and anger out of your body, out of your heart, out of your mind, and sent it all to the Earth, where it is then transmuted into pure life force energy (Prana). We work with opening your breath (Prana Yama) to release even more physical & psychic toxins, as well as building the energy in your body.

Once you have a reached a deep state of relaxation and peace, then we will begin to activate and awaken your light body (Chakras, Nadis, Meridians, Aura, Kundalini, etc).

You will be connected – through a vortex of stones & crystals – to the very core of the earth via your root Chakra. Then we will draw that powerful energy up through your body, through your chakras, connecting through your crown chakra to the fire energy from above (sun or stars).

Not only does this heal, balance & cleanse your chakras and light body, but the physical body also benefits greatly from this great concentration of life force energy from the Earth, Sun & Stars. Your skin will also be healed, balanced and cleansed, as well as your muscles, tendons and bones. Even your blood and internal organs will be renewed. The very cells of your body will be cleansed and even the atoms that compose you will be vibrating at a higher frequency.

The other thing that happens with this type of therapy is that you can release very deep, core issues that have been with you your entire life. It can happen very quickly, efficiently and painlessly, often time without even conscious awareness.

The result is a new you, with your physical and light body vibrating at a much higher frequency. Your heart and mind are lighter and clearer. You are more open to divine love & guidance. You have a new outlook and new possibilities exist for you that you could not see before. You are complete, connected and absolutely perfect, just as you are.

 I look forward to seeing you soon!

Peter Ross Voigt

Next MedMob Milwaukee 

Thursday, June 21 2012

Bradford Beach

2400 N. Lincoln Memorial Dr., Milwaukee, WI
5:30 - 6:45PM

  May 20 (Solar Eclipse) meditation at War Memorial
Meditation + Flash Mob = MedMob

Free for all

The meditation is a simple, one-hour, silent meditation followed by 11 minutes of "Sound Bath.” We invite you to join us for all of it, part of it, or come to hang out and bask in the peace. We invite you to come with your own deepest intention for yourself, your community, & our planet.



Private Vision Quest

We take 3 - 6 hrs at a wilderness power spot
To align your physical and light body with the natural & spiritual energies of the Earth, the Sun, the Air, the Water and the seven directions.

If you need spiritual guidance or direction in your life, this will help.

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