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I found premakarini on twitter. Something lit up inside of me when I saw her name scroll through my newsfeed, so I searched for her on facebook, which is where I learned about her blog at www.premakarini.com. I read a few lines & I was totally HOOKED! She vibrates such purity & love & compassion in her writing, that I walk away from every post feeling waves of inspiration & empowerment washing over me, like I have just bathed in the waters of Heaven. She has agreed to share some of her posts here on the Feronia blog, to help inspire & empower all of us too. Please do check out her facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Premakarini, her blog at www.premakarini.com or follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/Premakarini

What’s your body trying to tell you? Body whispering: 13 things about Body language. 4 Adventures. Intuition. Instinct

“The body never lies.”

Martha Graham, {dancer}

The body is always transparent. You are just so deep in your mind {in thinking} you don’t always see what your body is saying.

You can learn so much about yourself from simply observing your body, paying attention to its cues, letting it do what it spontaneously wants to.

I’ve been intrigued by body language since I can remember. You can tell so much from a single photo, even. A film frame. One glimpse. When I worked with clients directly in my holistic practice I used a combination of techniques from acupressure to applied kinesiology, but I mainly relied on my body intuition + sense to accurately read my client’s body so I could assist them most effectively.

What you perceive through the body is instinctual + directly connected to your intuitive intelligence, so body language is one language you need to be fluent in.

Get a sense of your body.

Watch. Listen more. Feel your body from the inside out. Fine tune your body sense: be more attentive to all 5 of your physical senses, allow them to develop more. Always keep some attention centered in your body, no matter what you are doing.
Get into your body completely with all your attention. When done intensely, the sensation is orgasmic right down to every individual cell. Enjoy your body this much. I experienced this Sunday after I was shimmying in a dance session. I sat very still + surrendered enough awareness to each cell. It feels like each cell is still shimmying. Try it: this level of decadence defies all understanding.

Let your body come this alive.

All it takes is enough awareness.

{You have had enough thinking for a lifetime already: people think an estimated 60.000 thoughts every day, most of which are pretty much the same as the day before}
How much freedom of expression do you allow your body? When I dance I have no idea from one moment to the next what movement is going to happen: I realize that this is what I love so much about dance: it holds my attention totally present.
Where do you hold back physically? Sexually? Yoga? Sports/Athletics? {Where you hold back in one thing, is how you usually hold back in another}
What are you waiting for? Are you waiting to be your ideal weight or size before you allow yourself to enjoy your body? This is backwards: once you allow yourself to do what you love physically, you will naturally be your ideal weight. The trick is to discover what this is for you.

Do what you love: your heart is always ahead of the game. Follow it.

Explore what your body really wants to eat. Brunches are awesome playgrounds for this. Recently my body kept picking out edamame, a great source of total nutrition + protein. Since including this more in my diet I have lost weight naturally: we often overeat trying to acquire adequate nutrition. Once attained, your hunger signals turn off.
Give yourself permission to explore how your body wants to move. Allow its instinctual impulse.
When I am in the country, I walk alone at night to hone my animal instincts. It’s an interesting, empowering shamanic practice. In time you develop a feel for the night + for your environment that is heightened, connected and safe. You learn to trust your body instincts, you develop a feel for the way it wants to communicate, what it has to say.
Develop a feel for your body.

Notice how your body interacts with others. Notice when you resist what’s around you. Observe when you feel relaxed + connected to everything around you. Notice who + what you are drawn strongly to, physically.

Match reality. Mirror neurons match realities: when you are with others it takes more awareness on your part to override this response. This is why keeping your mind clear helps: you notice external influences the moment they happen, instead of getting caught up in the reaction; you have time to choose your response AND determine your neural network.

Your body is your closest, most present creation. This deserves your undivided attention, awareness + presence.

Body adventure ideas + resources:

The Physiology of Transparency: check out the powerful conversation below with Chris Walton, MSc, an internationally recognised performance psychologist and Simon Paul Sutton, of Simon on the Sofa fame. Chris uses leading edge mind-body techniques to create transformational change + performance improvement. Chris has studied with Bruce Lipton, and indigenous shamans in the Amazon in Brazil + Peru. He is the author of the ground-breaking books: “Incredible You” and “Fit to Perform”
This level of transparent conversation is essential + POWERFUL: it gives unlimited permission + opens all kinds of doors.
What I love about Simon: his active exploration of transparency + love, as you will experience firsthand in his dialogue with Chris below:

Shimmy to Beats Antique: Collide + Egyptic. Let your body do its own dance. You don’t have to know how to dance; let your body show you how it wants to move, just lose yourself in the music.
Movies: Buck, The Horse Whisperer, Ashes to Snow. These movies show you the level of connection, of “joining up” {connecting authentically} with everything + everyone that is actually possible for us all to experience all the time. Its empowering for your body to watch the body language: it soaks up so much simply by watching other bodies.
Read: The Passion Test by Janet Attwood
Get in on the conversation on last week’s body talk + connect with Nichole + I: Fun, cool insights + sharing goin on over there. Give your body its say.
Premakarini xo