My Dad ~ Reiki Energy & Young Living Essential Oils.

My Dad — a stoic man, hard working back in the day, that over the years took it’s toll on him. My Dad has had a rough go for sometime where his health is concerned, in and out of the hospital for what seemed like every couple years. Five years ago that patterned changed!
I tell you all this because the transformation in my Dad’s health has been really amazing. Even to the point where his Doctor mentioned it at our last visit, he commended my Dad on how he has worked to bring himself back from a very bad situation. My Dad has congestive heart failure, emphysema and with those two major organs struggling your body has a hard time functioning.
This is a picture of my Dad 5 years ago.

He was in rough shape as you can see. He was on oxygen 24/7, was on a ton of medications for all sorts of alignments. This particular stay he was admitted for staph infection in his leg. With the infection he became over oxygenated and carbon dioxide started building up in his system. He was confused as to where he was and what was going on. Our family really thought this might be the end. When it had gotten as bad as I had ever seen it, I decided to call my sister and see if she would help with the cost to have my Reiki teacher Kim make a house call to the hospital. We decided to do it (not everyone in our family was open to Reiki or even knew about it) but we did it anyway, my sister is a Reiki level II and I knew, she knew, what I knew about how Reiki Energy could help. Kim agreed to work on my Dad. Since that day Kim worked on my Dad with Reiki Energy he is off the oxygen. He only uses it when he gets in a crisis which is few and far between. My sister and I have worked on our Dad on and off ever since. He even asks for it when he’s not feeling well “maybe you should do that stuff on me”. :) Reiki has really help my Dad!!!
There is also the addition of Young Living Essential oils which my Mom has used going on 3 years now. My Mom is a master with the oils, always researching to see what will work best for his breathing. She’s found the right combination, she diffuses the oils in their bedroom at night right next to my Dad and she also applies the oils on him daily sometimes more than once.
This is my Dad NOW, 5 years later!!!

His transformation has been amazing!! He has since been taken off a blood thinner medication, a heart medication, and has had his insulin medication reduced. Although that stubborn farmer in him won’t give too much credit to Reiki Energy and Young Living Oils, this picture sure shows that his body sure does!

This is what has helped my Dad, it may not work the same for everyone but this combination certianly has helpd him. If you or someone you know would like more info on Young Living Oils and/or Reiki Energy Healing,  give me a call 262-483-7720.
Be Well,                                                                                                                                                                     Sandra
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