How Would It Feel to . . . Stretch?

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How Would It Feel to . . . Stretch?

Beyond all boundaries. Right up to the edge and over.

Beyond the self-sabotage and deprecation. "Oh no, I can't! I'm just not good enough"? Gone. Vanquished. Wiped out.

Beyond the critics and naysayers. The fonts of doubt and pessimism. Block them out. Tune into your kickass frequency and take the world by storm, dammit!

Beyond the trepidation. The fear. The "What if I fall?" and "It would SUCK to fail." Brace up. Believe. Your future's calling and urging you to unfurl those wings. Pack light.

Beyond the pain. The depression. The heartbreak. The past. It happened to you. Why let it define you as well?

Beyond the dillydallying and second-guessing. Do it or screw it. Either way, DO something.

Beyond questioning your right, ability, or sheer balls to do so. The short answer is yes. The long answer is you have a gift to give to us all.

Beyond the disappointments and setbacks. Caving in weakens the spirit. Pushing forward strengthens it. Get yourself a cheerleading posse to point out the rainbows when you can't see the sky for your tears.

Beyond burnout and exhaustion. Running dry is part of the human condition; ignore the signs at your own peril. Build a self-care practice to meet your needs and freshen you up (in every sense of the word ;-) ).

Beyond narrow mindsets and blinkered vision. Life is organic. Let your spirit soar wild and free. Innovation does not favour closed minds. Fact.

Beyond hushing your truth and hiding your enthusiasms. Boldness leaves an indelible mark on history. Every time.

Beyond believing it's all right for others to shine but there ain't enough space for themand you. Hogwash. We are all bright stars. The cosmos is our playground. Light is our heritage. Word.

How would it feel to stretch beyond every challenge and reach the rare jewel on the other side?

I'll tell you how it would feel. Fan-freakin'-tastic. :-)

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