Call for Action for Humanity by Crystal Ravanelli

Hi all,

Thank you so much for being a part of my blogging debut and thank you Deborah Lighthart for offering me the space to speak my truth. I began the path not long ago and each day I strive for truth, satyagraha, and being the change I wish to see in the world—thank you Gandhi! Each day I explore the multiplicity of my spirit along with life, love, and peace. I share my journey and offer it in service—this is a part of my path. I am honored to have you as a witness.

Preamble: Recently, I auditioned to do the speech for the graduating class at my college. I learned so much on my journey to graduation and really wanted to speak to the profoundness of the journey along with the essence of transformation. Knowing I am intense and the speech may be an acquired taste, I auditioned anyway. Frankly, I tamed it down a bit but I was planning to go rogue on the day. My school and life did not teach me to mince words so why would I when addressing journey mates. But, I was not chosen. However, I am at peace as I did pray for the highest good and for the person with the message that would heard and resonated with the most by the graduates. I firmly believe the right person was chosen—even though it was not me. I knew this was meant to be written and released. At first,  I wanted to honor the journey and call the graduates to action, Now, I realize I am meant to honor humanity’s journey and call people to action. Here is the speech within freedom…
Call for Action for Humanity

If all we have is this moment—for that is the only guarantee we do have in life—know you are unconditionally loved. The fact we are here in this moment means we are of purpose—just by our existence. Love.  Love yourselves. For this is the only way we know true love. Love others. Love in each moment. Love with your hearts opened wide. For this is the only undefeatable force in the world. If only the world would see each other through eyes of love… if only we could see ourselves through eyes of love.
Life is the journey where we learn more about ourselves. The road from here will lead to more exploring of our journey—explore. Remember any dream we have is possible—even if the world buried us under illusion, dysfunction, and oppression through teaching us how to behave rather than helping us to learn who we are. We are worth knowing and understanding our journey, who we are, why we are here, and what we can offer ourselves and the world. Each generation wants what is better for themselves and loved ones even if it meant peering through tears, pain, and suffering of the past just scraping and crawling to a future.

But, today, we are not in our past or future. Today, right now, let us stay in the present moment. And, take in each moment as a celebration. Celebrate you—your strength—your determination—your hard work.  Take time to take in the day. You have been heard. You have been acknowledged. You matter. Have the courage and audacity to be exactly who you are.

Also know in this moment, the world needs us now more than ever. Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Remember walk the change.

If suffering is disliked, be healing.
If division and sides are disliked, be unity.
If problems are disliked, be solutions.
If injustice is disliked, be justice.
If war and conflict is disliked, be peace.
If pain is disliked, be joy.
If dysfunction is disliked, be function.
If unhealth is disliked, be health.
If ignorance is disliked, be truth.
If disconnection is disliked, be connection.
If disempowerment is disliked, be empowerment.
If hate is disliked, be compassion.
If the state of this world is disliked, be the change you wish to see in this world.

Know whatever change we are is profound, no matter how small it appears, for even a pebble makes ripples in the ocean. Just being is immensely significant. Every thought, action, and moment of just being is so powerful that it ripples out and changes the world. Just be.

Majora Carter, an environmental and social activist once said, “I have come from so far to meet you like this—do not waste me.” We too have come from so far to meet each other like this. Please—do not allow the world to waste us. Each person here is profound beyond measure.

The world is ready for us to walk forward in service—in a way that is uniquely us, yet unified. An anonymous author states,

        “Watch your thoughts,
        for they become your words,
        Watch your words,
        for they become your actions,
        “Watch your actions,
        for they become habits,
        watch your habits,
        for they become your character,
        Watch your character,
        for it becomes your destiny.”

People of 2012…

Love and light,
Crystal Ravanelli


Otiti said…
Yes. Yes. YES. There are no words to do this post justice. This is incredible.

Thank you, Crystal, for sharing your speech with us. I hope we all embrace your message and live it every day.

Thanks, D, for this wonderful platform that hosts messages of love and light and healing.

We are all special, so very special. We're here to LIVE and glow and connect; to shine and burn bright and stand tall; to act in love and dignity and grace. We need to get back to our roots as emotionally intelligent beings. We need to appreciate the intangible things and cherish every moment with which we are gifted.