The What, Why & How of Living in the Now

by: Wendy Kay Life Coach

You hear people tell you all the time, “Live in the now.” But what does it really mean? And how do you do it? And most importantly, why would you even want to do it…what’s the real benefit?

I can tell you what it means to me. To live in the now is to be present and aware – to show up. Present and participating in this moment. Aware of what is happening right now. No thoughts of past, no future, just now. How often does a person really do this – many times they don’t.

Often we are distracted in our minds creating meanings to things that aren’t happening. We might be thinking about other things that we have to do rather than listening to the person in front of us who is speaking directly to us. Or if we are listening, we may be deciding what the “real” meaning of this address is, rather than just asking a straight up, honest question. We may spend our mind’s time making up scenarios, thinking about something that’s already happened, worrying about what will happen, or fearing something in the future – even fearing in the now. (Let’s just look at that one for a moment…fearing something in the now. Unless you are actually in imminent danger, what could you possibly be fearing in the moment? It isn’t even happening.)

I’m not implying that you don’t spend moments creating plans, or deciding what you’ll eat for dinner tonight or the best way to modify a behavior in your life, etc. I’m referring to when you are interacting with others or alone, be present and aware – show up. Get rid of the thoughts that aren’t serving you in some way.

Remove worry from your awareness – don’t do it, don’t participate, don’t accept it as something real or worthy. It does nothing – nothing that serves any good purpose or result for you or anyone else. It’s just a habit that can be changed with conscious effort.

It’s the same with fear. Allowing fear to take grip is paralyzing, taking away all of your power in the moment to handle a situation that may only require your innovative thought to totally turn it around. It doesn’t pay off, or serve you, to stay so distracted by things that are not happening in the now.

So when worry and fear arrive into your awareness, due to some old programs floating in your subconscious or due to habit, allow it into your awareness and just as easily allow it to float right through and leave you.

Living in the now is truth, it’s real, it’s what is happening, and it’s your only point of power in thought and action. Anything outside of that is not happening, it’s not real. So if it’s your only point of power for thought and action – why waste it on illusions? The exception to this would be when you’re using your now to intentionally create utilizing visualization practices or your imagination.

The bottom line is this…living in the now is a choice, and it provides you with the empowerment to make better choices that serve you. When you find yourself living in worry, fear, dread, or in lack, Stop! Look around. Be aware of what is happening – you’ll often find that all is well in the moment. You’ll always have everything you need right now, in the moment. Be present and participate in this moment. Show up for your life by living in the now, because you are always powerful in it, and you always have what you need in it.

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