What If?

I used to see those two words as harbingers of timidity and uncertainty: What if I fail? What if I fall? What if I'm wrong? What if they don't like me/accept me/support my idea?

You know, that kind of thing.

Then I realised: they hold great potential. Potential. Possibilities.

What if you succeed?

What if you own the competition and go hard like never before?

What if you binned the doubt and went for it even in the face of great adversity?

What if you learned to fly even as you were falling?

Things are changing around and within me. I'm actually giving myself a chance to go with my gut and trust that it's the right thing to do. I'm realising that all the careful planning in the world can't match the sheer thrill of letting yourself feel on a deeper level. 

You're so much more in tune with yourself when you think beyond the borders of what's "real" or acceptable.

The truth is that letting yourself think wild and free is the key to authentic expression.

It's the beat of your pulse.

It's the difference between wondering if you'll make it and knowing that you will.

It's the raw honesty you get when you face your hopes and fears; when you can look at yourself, really look, and truly be thankful for all that you are and have.

Even when you're not perfect. Especially because you're not. We get so caught up in trying for perfection that we forget to celebrate what we have right now.

What if.

What if you discovered you didn't have to try so hard?

What if you were kinder to yourself and didn't allow momentary setbacks negate your progress & achievements?

What if you believed in your power and still asked for help when you needed it because you knew that didn't make you weak?

What if you took the first step because you couldn't wait to taste the extraordinary?

I believe in positivity.

I believe in magic.

I believe in loving yourself enough to admit what you desire and what you need.

I believe in being true to your spirit and going where it leads you.

What if we changed "Oh, I can't possibly . . ." to "Yeah, I can totally . . . "?

I may not know your name. I may not know your story. I probably don't know what you've experienced, what you've felt, what you've endured.

I only know that holding on to your past is the surest way of sabotaging your present and future.

Having the courage to work through the pain and give yourself a chance to heal is a lot harder than hugging the hurt and staying trapped in an endless loop of recrimination and dissatisfaction.

So take a chance today.

Give yourself the gift of following your heart.

Give yourself the gift of living your passion.

Give yourself the gift of being your own person.

Give yourself the gift of continuously evolving and growing.

So. Are you ready to turn your 'what-ifs' into expressions of power and aptitude?

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