Urgent Action Wisconsin Dietitians Are At it Again With

Rosen Wellness, LLC
Rosen Wellness, LLC
March 5, 2012
Dear Deborah,

URGENT ACTION NEEDED on Monday March 5:  Please call your WI State Senator and Representative now and object to Assembly Amendment 7 in AB547, a Dietitian Licensing Amendment in the Department of Safety and Professional Services Bill.

Find your legislator here:   Senator contact list| Assembly contact list

Amendment 7 is a Wisconsin Dietitian Licensing Bill that passed the Committee on Homeland and State Affairs and could move to the Assembly floor for a vote as early as Tuesday, Mar 6th. There was no hearing for this amendment and this legislation has been hotly debated for the past three sessions and stalled in the Health Committee. There is a companion bill in the Senate, SB453 that may include a similar amendment if we do not act quickly.  We ask you to help stop Amendment 7 in AB547 because:

1. The scope of practice in Amendment 7 defines a practice of dietetics that would prevent other nutrition practitioners from practicing. Currently, alternative nutrition practitioners can practice as long as they don't claim to be certified dietitians. If this bill is not stopped, then other nutrition practitioners could be charged with violations of the Dietitians Licensing Bill. This bill extends the scope of practice of the dietitians and could easily serve as a vehicle for stopping other providers. I have highlighted the problematic scope of practice in Appendix 1.

2. There are MANY alternative nutrition professionals qualified to provide specific nutrition care services to individuals besides dietitians. In fact, WI has over 600 alternative nutrition providers, who have extensive training in the science and cultural aspects of nutrition and are members of organizations such as National Association of Nutrition Professionals, American Association of Nutrition Consultants, and Wisconsin Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. These nutrition providers have received degrees such as M.S. and PhD in Holistic Nutrition, Associate's degree in Comprehensive Nutrition, Traditional Naturopath, and Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner in their fields. These practitioners have philosophies that differ from those of the Wisconsin- and American Dietetics Association (WDA and ADA) and, therefore, have no interest in being a licensed Dietician or regulated by a Dietician-controlled board.

3. The scope of practice in this bill could potentially severely damage the careers of 600+ nutrition professionals currently practicing in WI, eliminating their jobs and livelihoods. It will limit the careers of the 700+ students, many of whom are currently enrolled in state- or nationally-accredited nutrition programs such as Australasian College of Health and Sciences, American Academy of Nutrition, and Kanyakamari Ayurveda Education Center. It will adversely impact the businesses of health food stores and food-based supplement distributors, who rely on the nutrition professionals to make specific advice regarding their supplements to individuals.

4. This bill will limit freedom of choice for consumers and disempower them. Increasingly, WI consumers are choosing natural, alternative, holistic, and traditional care options. A study by Eisenburg et al, indicated that 43% of Americans use alternative health care services, including complementary nutrition providers. This bill is not based on consumer demand, but one promoted by a national special interest group, the ADA, through its WI affiliate.

Bernard Rosen
Rosen Wellness, LLC
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