Ramp Up Your Stress Busting Tools

Evening Yoga Workshops: Stress Relief

When:Tuesday, March 13th 7-8:15 pm
Where: Ayurveda Wellness located within THRIVE! @ 2331 Silvernail Road, Pewaukee 53072
RSVP: to Jamie Durner @ 262-389-5835

Stress is an ongoing factor, unfortunately, in today's modern world. But just because there's a trigger doesn't mean your nervous system has to react or respond in a way that creates further problems for the body and mind.

Tuesday March 13th from 7-8:15 pm I am offering a yoga workshop to decrease stress and recharge and recalibrate your nervous system to respond appropriate to life's challenging moments.

I invite you to join me for an evening to...
  • Shift out old and built up stress with the yoga set “Relieving your Elementary Stress”
  • Explore breath to not only alleviate your stress in as little as three minutes with “Meditation to Alleviate your Stress” but also…
  • Clear the subconscious of unwanted negative or fearful thoughts that can make the Negative Mind over-reactive with the traditional “Beggar’s Bowl” meditation
  • And lastly conquer normal depression and discouragement, build strength in the nervous system and reach excellence in life with the “Caliber of Life” meditation.

Utilize the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga to learn simple tools to decrease stress, balance your nervous system, and stimulate the master endocrine glands in the body to give you a stronger foundation from which to deal with stress. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat or natural fiber blanket and let’s play!

No prior yoga experience necessary. Whether you are brand new to yoga in general or the Kundalini style of yoga or whether you are a long-time practitioner, you will find a welcome place to experience, learn and explore. Come as you are able and start wherever you are at.