Please join us in prayer

To my Friends-

Please join us with your intention, when we travel to Peru and open the heavens to hear our prayers--
Please pass this on to all you know so our numbers are many.

   Universal Prayer for the Earth and all Nations

It is time to activate our collective consciousness by generating love instead of fear, releasing the energies which do not suit who we are, each of us a miracle of light. It is important to renew our oneness with the Earth and our connection to each other, as we are one human race.

Please join us in prayer on the 26th of April, at 2 pm, Central Time, to bring our intentions together. Five Masters will perform ceremony, in the most sacred of sanctuaries, Machu Picchu, Peru, asking for healing for ourselves and our planet.

We will connect the energies of heaven and earth, bringing in the stream of transformative energy that is available for us all. This column of energy is known as saiwa, in the indigenous Quechua language. As the five Masters become the column of light, the prayers and intentions of all can be released to the light. It is time to state things like, "I ask for all people to join as one. I ask for hatred and fear to be replaced with love and understanding, for myself and others in all lands, in all nations. I ask for my body to heal, so the earth can heal. I ask for the animals, plants, and waters of the earth to come into harmony. I ask for ignorance to be replaced with wisdom." Add your own words for healing in your family and community.

The vibration of many voices lifted in prayer, has power beyond measure. Help us shift the balance of energy by stating your intentions on the 26th of April, at 2pm, Central Time; the time for change is now. As we transform our thoughts and actions away from fear and negativity, our bodies heal, which then affects the well being of the earth.

All medicine people are asking for us to live in harmony, love, compassion and gratitude, so the transformational energy of 2012 brings forth the blessings of peace and joy to all.

Circle the date; April 26th @ 2pm, Central Time.  Please pass this forward to all you know to increase the power of our prayers.

Lynne Carol Austin, Reiki Master/Teacher, Oneness Blessing Giver, Mesa Paqo, RN, Author

Nancy Retzlaff, International Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Author

Jesica Schwarz, Reiki Master/Teacher, Oneness Blessing Giver

Sarah Munz, Reiki Master/Teacher, RN

Tim Schwarz, Reiki Master/Teacher

Thank you for helping us all.
Lynne Carol Austin

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