The Power of a Minute

People come to me when they are feeling lost, frustrated, confused and separated from their spiritual side. They ask me how they can re-connect to their deeper wisdom. My immediate response is "Just meditate." I get all kinds of explanations of why this doesn't work for them ranging from "I don't have time," to "I don't know how," to "My  mind just won't slow down enough to meditate." Over the years, I have devised a meditation technique that can address most of the common challenges to meditating and can help you connect to your higher power and Spirit Guides. I call it "The One Minute Meditation." It is simple, takes only a minute and helps to reconnect you to the divine plan in all things. 

You start by choosing whatever it is in your life that is giving you trouble. It could be your relationship with your partner, problems with a co-workers, negative behavior from your children or just a general overstressed system of your own. Picture the person presenting the challenge in your mind. This person has presented this challenge to help you grow in some way, but maybe you don't know how right now. Just hold that person in your mind. Imagine you are calling forth their entire soul, past lives, future lives, present situations. Pull all of their aspects into the picture, the good, the bad and everything in between. Now surround them in White Light. Just hold this for one minute, allowing your heart to absorb all that it needs to put this connection in the proper perspective.  Breath deeply and comfortably, relaxing your heart & mind as much as you can and holding it for as close to the full minute as possible.

That is it. It is just that simple. It may sound on the surface like there is no way it could affect a situation, but it can and it does. Magical things happen. Energies shift, people see each other in a new light. Problems melt away. Suddenly conflicts disappear and people respond differently to you. You can't expect miracle results on the first try though, or even on every try. If someone has really gotten under your skin, chances are that you have lifetimes of karmic work with this person that is not going be resolved in 60 seconds (just like if you are overweight, you can't just exercise for 5 minutes and lose all of the extra weight), but by doing this exercise regularly, it will bring all the insight you need to resolve any situation in your life.

My relationship with my 14 yr old son has been a perfect example of this. He & I have had a very turbulent relationship since birth. We love each other deeply, but his anger and general rude behavior pushes my buttons so deeply that I fall into a wide array of negative emotional patterns myself, from being victimized and crying to yelling back. I remember the first time I used this technique with him. I chose to do it right in the moment of one of his angry outbursts. He was screaming obscenities at me and full of rage. Instead of reacting, I chose to implement the meditation. He reacted by screaming louder & harder, then suddenly broke into tears, calmed down, apologized and behaved very well for the rest of the day. This was a break-through moment for me. We did not have to go through our usual 3 hour fighting spree resulting in many ineffective punishments & parenting techniques. I happen to have chosen the most challenging time to try something like this. It is so much easier to do at night before you fall asleep and the person is nowhere around pushing your buttons, but it worked. It worked like magic and I have used it a countless times since. Sometimes I have to do it more than once, or for more than a minute, but it works like a charm most of the time.

For today, just think of one problem in your life that needs solving and apply this technique to it. Practice the technique every time someone or something stresses you. You will see the difference, sometimes even immediately like I did with my son. It's easy to do and only takes a minute. If you don't have a spare minute somewhere, then you really oughtta loosen up your schedule.

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