Pay It Forward



Pay It Forward 




Buy a Meal, Change the World.


Charity and giving are essential components to happiness. Stretching it even further to anonymous charity will elevate the feeling of joy to a greater level. When an anonymous gift is given, the recipient embraces an awareness that they are being seen, and that they are not alone. Upon acceptance of the gift, they may be inspired to pass it on to someone else in some way. However, the most significant gift is to you, the giver. The feeling of bringing joy to a "stranger" who has absolutely no expectation of this gift, is nearly indescribable. It can only be known through experiencing it, and it can bring about a permanent shift in you: a new way of knowing joyfulness.


Pick a restaurant that you like to go to, preferably with friends, family, or coworkers. The next time you are there, as you are finishing your meal...


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