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I am WomYn Hear Me Roar - With Greatness!
Join us for the exciting event

Inspire 2 Succeed

This unique one-day workshop will allow the women in attendance to connect with their Inner Voices to find the Greatness we all own but is not always on display. It's a day focused on the I AM of who we are as womyn rooted in the Native American 7 directions. An Opening Circle Connection and Closing Circle will be at the beach with a Water Drumming, Blessing, and Prayer Blanket.

Learn from and be inspired by a gifted group of presenters, including Tally Hayden who will be sharing "Savor the Flavor", the cleansing power of Water Kefir. Help reduce stress and achieve optimal heart health with "Heart Math" or awaken your self-awareness with "Wake Up Brain." Start "Rockin' and Rollin'" with a healing application via piano and so much more.
The choice is yours!

Saturday, March 31, 2012
 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 
Sisters of St. Francis Motherhouse
3221 South Lake Drive
St. Francis, WI 53235

$75.00 for a full day and $45 for half (includes a light lunch)

Inspire 2 Succeed is a setting designed for women to connect with their intuitive gifts, follow their inner voice, and trust the beauty of being creators connected to the universal flow.

Reserve a space today by simply calling Kim at 414-581-5939
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Mom's Big Catch!
Booksigning Bonanza!
Wake Up Brain!
Gain A New Brain
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Mom's Big Catch
Mom's Big Catch!
Meet the Author Marla McKenna

Saturday, March 31, 10am - 2pm, Germantown, WI
Local author Marla McKenna has written her first published children's book, Mom's Big Catch!  It was inspired by an actual event that took place at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers!  Mom's Big Catch is a book that can be celebrated by all baseball fans, and it conveys a positive message with a warm sense of family! It's been positively received by parents, teachers and most importantly children!

Meet Marla McKenna in person at the Booksigning Bonanza hosted by the Feronia Wellness Organization. Buy Mom's Big Catch Today.
Click Here for More Information 

Booksigning Bonanza
Booksigning Bonanza! 
Meet Your Talented Local Authors

Saturday, March 31, 10am - 2pm, Germantown, WI 
"A few words can change your world." The Booksigning Bonanza will host so many incredibly gifted local authors who have written books on a wide variety of subjects. This free event is the perfect opportunity to meet them in person! Come to the Feronia Wellness Center to explore various writings related to Holistic Health, Wellness, Personal Growth, Spiritual Awareness and more. Classes are available (paid admission) such as "Writing From the Inside Out" - Using Meditation and Creative Writing as Tools for Self-Exploration.
Click Here For More Information

Wake Up Brain
Wake Up Brain!
Stimulating Presentations by Dr. Ann

March 31, Inspire 2 Succeed Event, St. Francis, WI
(see event details above) or Join this presentation
April 21, In-House Event, Elm Grove, WI
Can you center yourself at will? Can you transcend daily life disturbances and remain unaffected by them? Is your inner and outer world organized? Do you enjoy being in your presence? Do you feel in harmony? Are you pursuing your interests spontaneously? If you answered "NO" to any of those questions then it's time to kickstart your brain to help you achieve the life of your dreams! Come to these progressive presentations by Dr. Ann Bell of AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ and learn how to transform your answers into a resounding "YES"!
Click Here for More Details

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living
Gain A New Brain 
Last Chance to Become a Licensee

Thursday, April 26, 7pm Chicago, IL
Did you know that most doctor visits today are stress-related? There's a safety mechanism in our primitive lower brain geared towards hyper-vigilance which can produce side effects like added stress, fear, and anxiety. Higher Brain Living® was designed to help switch the brain from that primitive state to clear a channel to true, lasting, limitless and expansive higher living.

Wouldn't you like to be a part of this process or better yet help others achieve higher living? This is the last opportunity of the year to enter training to become a Higher Brain Living® Licensee. Hear from the founder himself, Dr. Michael Cotton. This event is free if you register before April 22, 2012. Don't miss this life changing opportunity! Click Here to RSVP

The Must See Movie: Hungry For Change 
Free Viewing Until March 31st, 2012
Hungry for ChangeWe all have the desire to look and feel our best, but that's not always easy. Today our society is littered with "food-like" products packaged and presented to entice us. Consumption of these products may actually do more harm than good, and can lead to obesity or disease. This then can trigger a vicious cycle of losing and gaining pounds through unhealthy/quick-fix programs. Hungry For Change exposes shocking secrets the diet and food industry don't want you to know about - deceptive strategies designed to keep you craving more and more.

film redefines "10 out of 10"! Awesome. I'm sure I'll watch it another 20 times... I took notes! I wish the world could set aside 89 minutes and drink in the love and nourishment that shines in this film. Can't say THANKS enough for producing it! xox" - D Kennedy

Free 1 Hour Weight Consultation

That's right! Get a free 1 hour weight release consultation with purchase of The Slique Experience through Tally Hayden's website. Valued at $75.00! Just
email Tally to schedule an appointment. Young Living's Slique Experience is an empowering, life-changing journey designed to help you enhance your health and transform yourself. The Slique Kit was created to transform the way you meet your weight-management goals. The products inside help suppress appetite and food cravings while increasing metabolism. Tally has guided many clients to release pounds and improve their health throughout the U.S. and this new program is affordable at just $7.75 a day.

"REAL people. REAL weight release. Al and I are doing the Slique Challenge together, though I don't have a chance at winning anymore because I just released over 20 pounds since November - during typical weight GAIN season - Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, SuperBowl, Valentine's Day, etc. Just last October, I weighed 165-170 and wore size 16-18. We recently had to go clothes shopping because I'm now about 140 and size 8. Al's down 15 pounds just since Feb 8 too. It's so uplifting that people notice and comment on our appearance almost everywhere we go now. They want to know our secret!" - C. Boatman Solorzano
The Slique Kit  

This is what a former client has to say about Tally:
"Honestly, I am beyond excited to see the numbers and I bless each and every day .. especially the day where I dialed your number and you picked up the phone even though it was a weekend .. and then talked and talked to me .. totally God sent!  Th
ings that I completely accepted and thought will never be possible are now possible .. and that attitude also reflects to other aspects of my life." -Tati

Don't miss this opportunity!

The Slique Experience banner

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If you desire to retire in 24 months or less earning from $2400 to 100,000 monthly then watch these videos here at  This is not a get rich scheme  just a revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time to fuel your health and wealth!  See if it resonates with you.

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Tally - purple shirtAbout Us
Thank you for your continued business, support and sharing my newsletter with others to improve their health and wellness journey.  You are important to me!   My passion is to teach you and the world that food, plants/essential oils and nature along with joy, laughter and love are medicine for our well-being.  To learn more about the Hayden House of Healing and me click here.
Love & Hugs ~Tally Hayden 

Hayden House of Healing's passion is to shift the world in awareness of personal growth and connect you to a higher consciousness of well be-ing resources.
Owner Tally Hayden will inspire you with education on how to honor your body and nourish your emotions to teach you that nature and earth feeds the temple.

Disclaimer:  The information contained in this newsletter and on our website is for educational purposes only.  It is not provided to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition of the body.  This information should not be used as a substitute for medical counseling with a health professional.

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