Charmed Lives

i am happy. i am sooooo happy!

I am happy because I choose to be. It is not because I have everything I've ever wanted, or because my life is ideal & perfect. I am happy because I like being happy, so I make the choice to be happy as often as I can. People have said to me so many times, "I envy you. Your life seems so carefree and wonderful. I wish mine was too." I would like to debunk that myth right now. My life is NOT carefree & wonderful. My life is not any more magical or amazing than yours is, but my choices, reactions & perceptions may be different. My children misbehave. My house is often a mess. My love life is ALWAYS a mess. My finances fluctuate worse than the weather. I've been beaten down & abused. I've been broke & homeless. I do not live an idyllic, charmed life. In fact, by many standards my life is the exact opposite of charmed, but I make the conscious choice to feel carefree & wonderful no matter what is going on. I lovingly accept my life, warts & all, therefore I feel perfect about it, so it may feel perfect to those around me. It appears charmed because I decide to make it as charming as I can. My life is not perfect, but it's totally PERFECT! Just like your life. 

it's not a silver spoon that we all need, it's the ability to live our truth. the permission to live an authentic life. i have given myself that permission. and you can too. 

Living your truth does not always mean life will be perfectly smooth & breezy. For example, I work for myself. I own my own business because it aligns with my heart's desires, but every rose has it's thorns. I choose to accept the financial instability of self-employment so that I can embrace the freedom of spending more time with my family. As a single parent for most of my life, I cannot imagine my life any other way. This choice sometimes creates suffering for me, since if business is slow, I am left wondering how I will feed my children & pay my bills. But overall, I would not trade my freedom for any measure of stability. I make this choice daily & I love it. I choose to live my career dreams today. Not when the kids are grown & gone. But right now. In this moment and I choose to be happy about it.

I am a psychic by trade because that happens to be what I am talented at. I am a healer at heart & doing readings is a way for me to bring healing to others (and myself). People say, "Oh I wish I could have a job like yours. How fun that would be!" Well, you can. You can do anything you want. All you have to do is make the choice to allow yourself to do it. No fairy godmother showed up and magic wanded me into this position. I created it, by choosing it. There were many times in my life when my faith was shattered. My heart was broken. My spirit was crushed. I didn't know if I could continue, but I didn't give up. I held on tight to my dreams & the life path that I have designed for myself. 

We all can make these choices on a daily basis. On a momentary basis. We can simply choose to respond to our life in a different way. We can choose what we want to be, have & do whatever we want. It's all up to us. 

I choose Love.

I choose Life.

I choose to laugh at my troubles.

I choose to cry when my heart is touched.

I choose to love the world and everyone in it.

I choose to lead the way to authentic living, by living authentically. 

I choose to listen to my heart, even when it hurts.

I choose to see the beauty in everyone and everything.

life is my choice. it is yours too. if you want to experience something else, just let yourself. simply say "It's totally ok for me to do this, have this or be this. Whatever I desire is meant for me. "

And then just let it happen. Your life is as charmed as you allow it to be. 

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