The 5 Negative Effects of Medications

The 5 Negative Effects of Medications

Did you know that according to the CDC, about half of all Americans take at
least one prescription drug on a regular basis?  It is no surprise as they
can be used for everything from depression to advanced cancer.  However,
there can be many negatives to taking prescribed medications that are not
often discussed.  To help give you a better sense, we have gathered five of
the most dangerous aspects of prescription medications.  If you are on or
considering taking a medication, please discuss thoroughly with a physician
before making any changes or additions to a health treatment plan.

1. Danger -With so many people taking prescription medications, there are
many cases in which the worst happens.  In fact,,000_americans_die_each_year_from_p
rescription_drugs,_while_pharma_companies_get_rich/ Alternet reports that
100,000 Americans die each year from prescription drugs.  This can be caused
by anything from prescriptions that were filled incorrectly to not taking
them as prescribed.

2. Addiction - Did you know that according to
ription_drugs/ Red Orbit nearly seven million Americans abuse prescription
drugs each year?  That is more than the numbers for marijuana, heroin,
ecstasy, and cocaine combined.  Because these drugs are legal and available
at any pharmacy with a doctor's note, they are very easy to become addicted
to.  The most likely drugs to become dependent on include pain killers,
anti-depressants, and sedatives.

3. Altered state - In addition to the above dangers, each prescription drug
has its own side effects, which can be worse than what they are supposed to
treat in some cases.  The side effect of an altered mood can be one of the
worst, especially if that is not what the patient had intended with the
prescription drug.

4. Cure vs. treatment - While some prescription drugs, such as antibiotics,
can actually cure a disease, most other prescriptions are merely treatment.
While they can be better than taking nothing, the true cause for the illness
remains and the prescription will probably have to be taken for a long time,
if not the rest of the patient's life.

5. Not vegan friendly -If you are a vegetarian, vegan, or cannot eat
anything that uses animals, you are out of luck in the prescription
department.  Many of them use animal derived ingredients.  Many
prescriptions are also tested on animals in laboratories as well, which can
also be of moral objections to those who value animal rights.

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