Waist Size Predicts Heart Risk! Really?

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Every year, heart disease takes the lives of over half a million Americans, and it remains the leading cause of death in the United States. In 1983 at a young age of 22 Tally Hayden's father died of a heart attack and 4 years later her mother of a stroke.  This devastating epidemic leaves no one untouched; its victims are fathers, mothers, daughters, grandparents, siblings, and cherished friends and community members across our country. February is Heart Month and with it a chance to recommit to better heart health!


One thing is for certain, excess weight contributes to cardiovascular disease and waist size strongly predicts your heart risk!  A recent study in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that heart patients with a large waist size (greater than 35 inches for women and 40 for men) were 70 percent more likely to die during the study than those with smaller waists. What makes a large waist so risky?  Click here to learn more from Dr. Mercola who was recently on the Dr. Oz show. 


To help release that belly fat and unwanted weight are two programs available at the Hayden House. The first is a new system by Young Living called the Slique Experience. Slique is designed to help quash cravings and increase metabolism. Slique products are rich with vitamins and minerals and with the purchase of a Slique Kit ($275) through Hayden House you will receive a free weight consultation with Tally, valued at $75!

The second highly successful system available at the Hayden house is the Rejuvenation 21 Program, where hundreds of clients have already reduced their waist line. It works by resetting the hypothalamus, a gland in the brain that controls metabolism. The regular cost of the program is $495, but in honor of heart month Tally is offering a $75 discount until March 5, 2012. She'll be your weight coach throughout the entire process. No need to be in the same town as Hayden House to benefit from Slique and Rejuvenation 21. You can be guided wherever you are to release unwanted fat, even if you are in Alaska, where Tally grew up.


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The Slique Kit
The Slique™ Experience
Transform yourself!
Young Living's Slique Experience is an empowering, life-changing journey designed to help you enhance your health and transform yourself. Enhance your health with the Slique Kit which was created to transform the way you meet your weight-management goals. The products inside help suppress appetite and food cravings while increasing metabolism. They help with the breakdown and absorption of food and provide low-calorie supplements that are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and catechins. There is also a vegetarian kit option!

Slique is transformative. Take the Slique Challenge January 21 - May 31 for a chance to win one of the six $5,000 cash prizes, company-wide recognition, and other great rewards.
Click Here for More Information 
Rejuvenation 21 Discount
Rejuvenation Discounts! 
In Honor of Heart Month 
The Rejuvenation 21 Program is a detoxification that stimulates and corrects your body's natural ability to release weight and keep it off. Usually participants lose around 1/2 lb or more a day during the short 21 day cycle. It works by essentially resetting the hypothalamus, a gland located in the brain that controls metabolism. Schedule between now and March 5, 2012 and you'll receive a $75 discount!

If you've already gone through the program, but care to release a few pounds added up due to a couple extra treat days or you just want to release a few more, there is a deal for you too. 2 bottles of Rejuvenation 21 drops and 2 bottles of enzymes (1 before and 1 between meals) just $149! Saving almost $40. Offer ends March 5, 2012 at 5:00pm cst.
Click Here to Contact Tally 
Don't Miss this Presentation!
Tally Hayden's at the Body Mind Spirit Expo

Saturday, Rm. 2, 4pm March 10, Milwaukee, WI

For over 25 years the Body Mind Spirit Expo (BMSE) has exhibited a prime collection of holistic living practitioners across the continent. This year's theme is "Shift Yourself & Transform the World". Discover how to renew and reinvent yourself as you delve into the latest in alternative health and new thinking.


Tally Hayden, Certified Natural Health Practitioner, is proud to be apart of BMSE this year and she invites you to join her as she explains the successfully transformational Rejuvenation 21 Program. It is a system that balances and detoxifies the hypothalamus and allows individuals to release excess fat in a short 21-day cycle.

Click Here for More Information 

Higher Brain Living Brain
Are You Evolved Enough for 2012 and Beyond?

March 11 (Dr. Drew) & March 24 (Dr. Ann)
Can you center yourself at will?  Are you living the life of your dreams?  Can you transcend daily life disturbances and remain unaffected by them?  Is your inner and outer world organized?  Do you enjoy being in your presence?  Do you feel in harmony?  Are you pursuing your interests spontaneously?  If you answered "NO" to any of those questions, come to these progressive presentations by Dr. Drew Neville and Dr. Ann Bell and learn how to transform your answers into a resounding "YES"!

Click Here for More Information 

Money Tunnel
New Unlimited Abundance Group
featuring the works of Christie Marie Sheldon

Sundays, 2pm starts March 11, Mukwonago, WI 
Here's another opportunity to get in on the abundance. These life altering sessions will be facilitated by Diane McKee. What sessions am I referring to? Christie Marie Sheldon offers profound energy clearing sessions and has created a 6 month program that can help you unblock abundance on EVERY level. You will be introduced to a process that enhances your state of mind and consciousness, so from 2012 onwards you can improve your ability to attract wealth. Meeting once a week, experience Christie's powerful healing work to release each of the 25 Abundance blocks that's holding you back from your full prosperity. Click Here for more group info.

Be introduced to the process of clearing Abundance Blocks. Christie
Marie Sheldon does a profound energy clearing session that can be heard here. Follow this link to download the call before it is gone, but before you listen answer these 3 questions (found here).
Answering the questions will help you gain the most from Christie's powerful session. Make sure when listening you are NOT driving, but you are in a comfortable quiet setting, with no distractions.

AWAKEN Higher Brain Living
AWAKEN Client Celebration Day 
Guest Speaker Dr. Michael Cotton, founder

Saturday, 1pm - 4pm, March 17, Elm Grove, WI
Dr. Michael Cotton, the founder and creator of AWAKEN Higher Brain Living™ and the H.E.A.R.T. technique will be presenting the exciting new developments of his revolutionary system. Come listen to A New Paradigm in Personal & Cultural Transformation and then join in The 4 Dimensions of Life Discussion with Dr. Ann Bell. Free beverages and delicious food will be provided by renowned raw food chef, Jennifer Janz. Mix and mingle with other Higher Brain Members and bring friends and family! This event is open to everyone.
Free 1 Hour Weight Consultation

That's right! Get a free 1 hour weight release consultation with purchase of The Slique Experience through Tally Hayden's website. Valued at $75.00!  Just
email Tally to schedule an appointment. Tally has guided many clients to release pounds and improve their health throughout the U.S. and this new program is affordable at just $7.75 a day.
This is what a former client has to say about Tally:

"Honestly, I am beyond excited to see the numbers and I bless each and every day .. especially the day where I dialed your number and you picked up the phone even though it was a weekend .. and then talked and talked to me .. totally God sent!  Things that I completely accepted and thought will never be possible are now possible .. and that attitude also reflects to other aspects of my life." -Tati

Don't miss this opportunity!
The Slique Experience banner
One24 Logo
If you desire to retire in 24 months or less earning from $2400 to 100,000 monthly then watch these videos here at  www.jointallyhayden.com.  This is not a get rich scheme  just a revolutionary concept that has come at the perfect time to fuel your health and wealth!  See if it resonates with you.


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