Snooze Buttons

Some dreams are buried so deep inside of us that we don't even know we are dreaming them. Then one day something happens to reveal a glimpse of inspiration. We get a little peek beneath the layers of plans we are planning and thoughts we are thinking, and our hearts cry out, "YES! YES! YES! I want to be seen! I want to be felt! I want to be lived!" And what else can we do, but give ourselves to the process of making those dreams come true? Once you have felt that surge of awakening inside of you, how could you ever just go back to sleep? 

But we do. We think. We plan. We work. We busy ourselves and we start to drift off, drift off course. We forget the pleas from our heart. No matter how loud they may have been shouted, they get lost in the shuffle of our busy lives & then they become a faint, distant memory that once whispered to us. Today is the day to change that. Today is the day to let your heart take you by the hand & lead you to "The Promised Land." Every moment is time to begin anew. Make this moment mark your new journey. 

Now is the time to destroy your internal snooze button. Yes, right now. Reach inside & remove it from your consciousness. Start living your dreams TODAY. There is no time like the present to begin. It doesn't matter where you begin, as long as you do. Do it now & keep doing it. Keep doing it until what is in your heart is visible all around you. Then & only then, will you begin to see why you have been brought here to this world. Why you were born into this body & into this life. It is to express all that is within you. The world wants nothing from you other than to receive the gifts from your heart, the blessings of your soul. So let them flow. Just let them flow. 

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The name "Deborah" means "Bee seeking the honey of life." Deborah's life mission is to help you find a sweet, satisfying & soulful existence. Her private practice is located at Feronia Wellness Center in Germantown WI, but she also works by phone & online. Her intuitive consultations are uplifting, accurate & insightful. Her healing work is soothing, spiritual & transformational. Her artwork is modern, abstract & spirited. She is also the President & Founder of Feronia Wellness Organization, a non-profit group promoting holistic health & wellness. Deborah believes that health & happiness are your birthright and she works in every way possible to help you claim it. You can find more information about Deborah at