SOS - Saving Our Sanity

I wish I could count the number of times I have sent out my SOS to the Universe. How often I have looked up to the heavens and shouted, "God, why me??" (along with many other much less respectable phrases). Our emotional reaction to life's circumstances can be pretty intense. Sh*# happens and sometimes it really hurts, confuses and downright destroys us. When we can't seem to make any sense of it, our emotions can start to go wild. We search for answers, for something to help put it all in perspective. We crave that which will set our internal world at peace again. We want that feeling that life makes sense.
This exact experience is what brings many people to metaphysics and to my practice as a tarot reader/psychic consultant. People want to understand the workings of the world. They want to know what the Divine Plan is for them. People want to be able to keep their wits about them when life gets so crazy they want to check into the local mental hospital or check out of this world entirely (affectionately known in our household as, "taking a bridge jump.")

Touching the energies of the Angels and Spirit Guides helps me to understand the Divine Plan. It gives me a higher perspective on things and helps me to help my clients through some of the toughest times of their lives. Without a connection to the Angels, I don't think I could have made it through mine. The connection to one's Spirit Guides, or to their own Higher Power (which is ultimately the same thing) brings us the power we need to get through whatever challenges have become us. It gives us the insights we need to process our emotions and put the puzzle pieces together so we can get on to the finer things in life, like simply enjoying it again.

To be honest, people will live their lives and will evolve with or without the help of tarot cards, or Spirit Guides, or any other form of metaphysical divination, but having a reading is like having a tutor for the school of life. It gives you the extra edge you need to make your life all it can be. I never realized that the army & I have something in common, we both work to help you be all you can be. Though, I believe working with me is a whole lot easier than boot camp. :)

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