Listen to Your Heart

This phrase runs rampant through our society in music... in literature... in films... it's everywhere. So, why is it that so many of us do not listen to our hearts? With some not even knowing what their own heart is saying?

The answer is because we all want to do what makes sense and listening to our hearts, simply does not make sense in most situations. Many times we just plain avoid it. The heart may ache to reach for a career in which we do not feel qualified to pursue, so we tune it out and keep on, keepin' on (no matter how miserable we feel). The heart may call out to a long lost love, but we shut it up because that relationship never would have "worked" for us (but did we really, truly try?). How many of people fall head over heels in love with a partner that fits into our life logically? Not too many. People have sensible relationships all the time, but that head over heels thing only comes from listening to the heart and usually the heart does not make a lot of sense. Why is that?

The heart knows what we need to do to evolve as people, to heal old wounds, to uncover our true talents, to become all that we can become. The heart holds the blueprint of our spiritual path and following that path is the only true thing we need to do with our lives. It is my belief that each person has come to this planet to grow, to evolve and to express themselves. Your greatest work is in understanding what is in your own heart and how you can best bring that into reality. But that path does not make sense at first, because it is not designed to. 

The song of the heart is meant to help us dance through life, not measure out every beat. If you break down any musical piece into every note and then dissect and analyze the notes, you'd never get to enjoy the melody. And, we are meant to enjoy this melody of life. We are meant to feel freedom, joy, peace, harmony and all that delicious stuff, but oftentimes we don't. And that is because we have stopped listening to our hearts somewhere along the line.

For just today, I'd like to invite you to find one way in which you can honor the song in your heart. Trust your own intuition. How can you "dance your own dance"? How can you truly listen to your heart? Start small if you have to, by trusting your instincts on what color to wear to that job interview, or how many apples you might need for that pie. Know that you have all the answers you need within yourself already. Every piece of wisdom you can ever need to navigate your life path already exists within you, or you would not be experiencing the lesson in the first place. The Universe gives it all to us, the questions, the quizzes, the tests and the entire answer key, but we need to listen to our hearts in order to find them.

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