It's SO Easy Being Green

Back in the days when I began my journey toward natural living, it was not nearly so vogue to "be green". Outpost Natural Foods was a tiny little corner-store type co-op that only a few people even knew about which was not a big deal since organic food was only eaten by "granola heads" anyway. Things have certainly changed. Organic foods are in almost every grocery store now, with healthier versions of our all-American favorites coming out every day. We are a nation that is "going green" a little more every day, and that is something we can all feel good about.

Our big corporations are turning green too. They know that we Americans want to do the right thing, but we also want to maintain our modern comforts as much as possible. So, they create products that take us a step closer, like cleaning solutions containing natural detergents and frozen, organic, vegetarian pizza. Of course there are many purists out there who would complain that this is not nearly enough and they  could well be right. But let's face it folks, this is America and our habits are not going to die overnight. People will still want hamburgers and dishwashers and beauty products. We want to look good, feel good and live easier, comfy-er lives, but now we want to do it more naturally. America is clearly showing that they want products & services that maintain their modern conveniences without compromising the environment, or at the very least not compromising it as much as we did in the past.

It is very true that so much more could be done. That is true about almost anything. We could all be greener, or kinder, or gentler, or more spiritual or better informed or any of the wonderful things we strive to become, but for now, let us continue our evolution toward a healthier lifestyle doing whatever we can to improve on our past choices. Any step toward a healthier society is a good thing in my book. Maybe you are not ready to be vegetarian, but you can switch to natural beef. Maybe you still use make-up and are just not ready to be "au naturel" (and let's be honest, girls, how many of us really are?), but you can trade your old commercial brand, store bought rouge for a cruelty-free, natural product. We have the means to be green. It is easier now than ever before. There are products & services to make our journey toward a healthier society as easy as the click of your mouse. So, let's green it up while we are living it up here in America, taking whatever steps we can to recycle, reduce, re-use and re-make, knowing that we are creating a healthier environment with every step we take.

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