Dream Interpretation

"what dose it mean if i keep on having nightmares where i keep on getting trapped???"

Nightmares are usually your biggest fears playing out in the dream state. Dream time is a safe space to explore your fears, since we are not in any actual physical danger, so it's great that you are facing your fears here instead of in real life. 

Getting trapped represents a fear of being stuck without an escape. Perhaps there are situations in your life where you feel you cannot break free.... The way to ease the nightmares is to remind yourself when you go to sleep that there is always a way out of every situation. There is a solution to every problem. We are NEVER meant to be stuck in an unpleasant situation permanently. We are there to learn what we need to learn and to empower ourselves to make change in our world. Allow yourself to remember that during your dreams too, then they will start to calm down & eventually disappear. 

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