We Are the Light Weavers

We Are the Light Weavers

We are the Light Workers, the Weavers of Light,

weaving Light to all Humanity.

Each of our prayers is a Strand of Light, a Thread of Light.

that is sent out into the Universe

These Strands of Light come together from all directions,

from all the hearts of the Light Workers.

Remember there is a destination that we have determined by our intention.

These prayers or strands of Light search for that intention

The Strands of Light weave together, creating a web.

The WEB of LIFE, or the WEB of LIGHT.

It's up to each of us to maintain the Web of Light.

We will catch you in this woven Web of Light.

You are the intention, the purpose, at this very moment in time.

All prayer and healing energy is the same:

whether it is a quiet intention of the heart

a loving touch

energy work (Reiki, etc.)

sound healing

a song

all is a prayer

OM Peace Amen

HelenaJoy Sleger Kaiser