Unlimited Abundance Group

Unlimited Abundance Group
featuring the works of Christie Marie Sheldon
compliments of Tally Hayden
facilitated by Belinda Ladd +  Deborah Lighthart
3-4:30pm   Every Sunday starting Sep 23
@ Feronia Wellness Center
N112W16760 Mequon Road
Germantown, WI 53022

$3/per session or $25/all 25 sessions
Cash, Check, Credit/Debit + Paypal Accepted
REGISTER HERE or to deborah@feroniaretreat.com

Christie Marie Sheldon offers profound energy clearing sessions & has created a 25 session program that can help you unblock abundance on EVERY level. We will be meeting as a group twice/week to experience Christie's powerful healing work & to a release each of the 25 Abundance blocks. When we gather as a group to do this powerful program simultaneously, we can experience the synergy & strength of working together! This amazing series will help you unblock your subconscious barriers of what’s holding you back from ANYTHING you desire. You will be introduced to a process that enhances your state of mind and consciousness, so from 2012 onwards you can improve your ability to attract wealth.  

We'd love to see you attend every group session, but if you are unable to attend any session, you can either come into Feronia & use our meditation room to do makeup sessions, call & makeup your session by phone, or join another group to get caught up with them. We will be sure to find a way to get you up to speed, so your abundance can get up to speed too!

Before you attend this group, please DOWNLOAD THIS FREE GUIDEBOOK, enjoy this FREE 90 MINUTE CALL & be sure to answer these 3 questions:

1. "What is my goal for manifesting unlimited abundance?" Do you want to buy a bigger house, and go on more holidays? Do you want to use your wealth to help others? Or do you simply want the peace of mind of financial freedom? It's important to know exactly WHY you want to be more abundant, because having this intention helps you stay motivated.

2. "What are my personal limitations when it comes to abundance?" Are there any obvious Abundance Blocks holding you back in life? For example maybe you often catch yourself having a negative perception towards money, or a fear of investing. We'll go deeper into your blocks during the session itself, but it's important that you acknowledge and accept the ones you're already aware of.

3. "At what points in my life have I been held back by Abundance Blocks? Try and recall specific moments in your life when Abundance Blocks might have held you back - for example the last time you were passed up on a promotion or a raise, or the last time you rejected a financial opportunity. These moments will give you valuable clues as to what hidden blocks may be affecting you.

Answering the questions will help you gain the most from Christie’s impactful sessions. My heart feels lead to share this with you. The new year of 2012 is one of freedom, change, and expanding boundaries and if you are up for one or all three of these then this series is for you.

“Christie Marie Sheldon is an intuitive healer and energetic coach. She connects to the Infinite realm to shift, change, and transform people’s lives. She has worked with over 10,000 Clients and demonstrates these talents on the Radio and in Seminars.”

Christie has created a Step-by-step Guide for eliminating subconscious barriers (aka abundance blocks) called the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program. This program is the result of 3 month on-line coaching sessions held for a small group which transformed their lives. Now it is time to let it transform yours. 

preparing for your first session.
Are you ready to clear resistance in your life so that you can allow the energies of 2012 unlimited abundance to come into your life?

With the new year upon us it is time to start anew and to let go and clear our resistances. Let's join together on this energy transformation journey. We will be exploring Christie Marie Sheldon’s 25 Energy Clearing Blocks sessions and playing the first one she released called “Clearing Resistance.”

What to bring: 
journal or paper and pen
your baggage of resistance to clear
pillows/yoga pad/blanket if you are like me when I clear energy I like to lay down
healthy munchies
love offering

What to do prior to beginning your journey:
Answer the 3 questions listed above
Watch Christie’s 5 tips for getting started (25 minutes):  http://youtu.be/7IZfIHuHcKA   

Christie’s sessions:
1.       Will go through the abundance block or coaching topic of the day and understand how it affects your energy for abundance.
2.       Will be provided with tools and exercises that you can use to work on your energy – valuable techniques that you can use anytime you need them.
3.       She will take us through a powerful energy clearing sessions.

What to expect for Session 1: “Clearing Resistance”   
Jump start your journey into abundance with a three step system to open your energy fields and begin the clearing process. You will learn how to identify the lies you have learned about life, money, and abundance. We will be connecting to light energy and learning how to open our energetic fields.
Highlights include:Energy 101 – wondering what exactly is energy? Learn what it is and the different ways how you might feel it.
  • Autopilot Breakdown – identify the ‘lies’ you have learned in life about money and abundance, so you can start breaking down the subconscious patterns towards wealth that are holding you back.
  • Light Absorption – learn how to connect yourself to the light; this exercise will help you open up your energetic fields, allowing the energy to flow powerfully through your system during the clearing process.