Prepare for 2012 w Tantra & Shamanism

A new age has already begun, and we can see the changes already manifesting in the world. Things will get worse before they get better, but for those who are prepared (spiritually), this is a time of hope and liberation!

* Friday Feb 3, 7-10pm * Introduction to Tantric Spirituality
* Sat Feb 4, 10am-4pm * Earth Changes & Spiritual Awakening
* Sat Feb 4, 7-10pm * Tantric (Sacred) Sexuality *
* Sun Feb 5, 10am-4pm * Spiritual Relationships

Come to one session or the entire weekend
Cost is very affordable, starting at $10 for Friday Intro

We are working with the principals of Kundalini Yoga, Tantra, Shamanism, Oriental Medicine, Prana Yama, Breath Work, Chakras, Auras, Sacred Sexuality, Earth Energy, Water Energy, Fire Energy, Air Energy, FUN energy!

More info & register at the website below
or call Peter Ross Voigt at 414.699.7333

Mark your calendars, invite ur friends.

LOVE & Blessings,