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To give, to love, to share you must first start with yourself.

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For better or worse, the month of February has become synonymous with love.  The focus is generally around love with another person as highlighted by Valentine's Day.

However, I believe that before you can share with, give to or love another person, you first have to be able to give all of that to yourself.  And to love yourself means you have to accept yourself.  This can sometimes feel challenging when there are pieces of you that are healing or still growing.  Meaning, you feel that you are not in that ideal space you'd like to be.  But that is part of the message of love - you not only do not have to be perfect to be loved, in fact it's the opposite and love means accepting all of who you or someone is exactly right NOW.

I invite you to play with the love using the items below - or in any other ways that feel right for you.

I am here to serve you and welcome any comments, questions or feedback!


love yourselfPowerful Ways To Love Yourself

Celebrate the positive. 

Each day spend a moment or more to simply acknowledge your beauty inside and out, your gifts, your talents, your wonderful aspects.

Use affirmations to quiet the negative self talk.

Affirmations are ways of reprogramming old thought patterns.  There are lots of sources for affirmations - Louise Hay offers some of my favorites - but you can also create your own.  Simply  write down the negative self talk on one side of a piece of paper and on the other side write what you might say to your friend, your son/daughter/parent/spouse if they were saying that about themselves.  I say to do it for another person because you might treat yourself with less judgment than you would treat someone you love.   Flip the negative to the positive in a form of a new statement.  And each time that old tape starts playing, in your mind substitute your new one.

Use a mantra to create balance and heal.

Mantras are special sounds that create specific energetic effects in the body and the mind.  They not only help re-pattern old thought waves, they also change the vibration of your being.  The seed mantra for the heart chakra is YAM (pronounced yum).  Doing this as a daily practice can heal old wounds and open you up to love on all levels - self, universal, others.  Start by chanting it silently in your mind 108 times or 3 minutes.  Pay attention and see how it feels.  Sometimes you need to also work with the first and second chakra before you are ready to move to the heart chakra.

Listen to the heart.

In Vedic philosophy, the heart is the seat of your soul.  Paying attention to the messages you receive in this area helps you live in alignment with your highest self which is always anchored in love.  It may take a little practice, but you can develop your inner ear to hear the heart/soul voice.  To do this, though, you need to slow down, go inside, and be with what's there.

Trust what comes from the heart.

Tied in to the piece above, you need to not only hear what you're heart is saying but trust it.  So many times you hear the answer but then your mind or ego discounts it.  Trust what you feel, what comes up without effort when you are in that space of connection.


Upcoming Events

Drop-In Kundalini Yoga
Series focused on opening your heart and connecting with your Infinite Self.
Mondays 9-10 am
Brookfield location

Boost Your Digestive Health
Learn what cues signal a healthy vs. unhealthy digestion and how to boost yours with simple kitchen healing..
Jan. 31st, 6:30-7:45 pm
Ayurveda Wellness

Soothing The Winter Blues

Learn what cues to watch for that point to a building cold imbalance and simple tools to gently soothe the winter blues.
Feb. 7th, 6:30-7:45 pm
Ayurveda Wellness
Evening Kundalini Yoga Workshop
Enjoy a night of heart opening to receive and give fully with yourself and others.
Tuesday, February 14th 7-8:15 pm
Ayurveda Wellness

Ayurvedic Foundational Foods
Learn how to make ghee, paneer, kitcharee and yogurt and how these foods are used for healing and balance.
Feb. 16th, 6:15-7:45 pm
Good Harvest Market, Pewaukee
Insomnia SOS Support
Learn how to make sense of your insomnia and what natural home measures to take.
Feb. 21st, 6:30-7:45 pm
Ayurveda Wellness

Brain Health & Longevity
Learn techniques to boost your brain longevity and prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.
March 6th, 6:30-7:45 pm
Ayurveda Wellness

Give without strings.

This applies to yourself as well as others.  Make sure that whatever you are giving is unconditional otherwise it creates a sticky energy around the process which can create resentment, anger, and disappointment.  If you can't give fully in this way yet, start by simply acknowledging the strings and recognize that they are yours to hold and may not be fulfilled by the other person.  Giving from the heart and being detached from the results is a pure action that will create no karma or reaction and is a powerful spiritual practice unto itself.

Practice heart meditations.

There are many meditations that work with the heart chakra.  You can work with me or another yoga or spiritual teacher to find one that meets your needs, come to the Evening Yoga Workshop which is all about heart opening this month, or you can use the following simple entry point.  Sit in a comfortable position with a straight spine and the eyes closed.  Place your hands over the center of the chest between the breasts, right hand on top of the left hand.  Slow your breath down and allow it to guide you into the space below your hands.  Send love in whatever way feels right to you to this area.  Start with 3 minutes and work up from there.

Program Highlight to Celebrate Partner Connection

Couple's Massage Class
Saturday, February 18th from 10 am-12 pm
Ayurveda Wellness within THRIVE! 2331 Silvernail Rd, Pewaukee
Investment: $60/couple
Registration: via Jamie 262-389-5835. Payment is due at the time of registration.


Couples Massage class with Jamie Durner, NCMT

This year give a special gift that will keep on giving – learning how to provide chair massage for your partner right in the comfort of your own home on the primary areas of tension.

Stress, especially in the neck, shoulders, and back, sometimes overloads creating pain, spasms, and unhappiness at home. You can stop this cycle by offering regular support to your partner before the overload points occur – without causing problems in your own body!

This unique couple’s massage class gives you the secret to success

  • Basic yet effective massage skills anyone can do
  • Body positions that won’t create more stress on the person giving the massage
  • A format designed to use at home without any special equipment
  • Fun & connection that makes you want to regularly exchange massages

Class includes instruction and technique demonstration, practice time with feedback, and handouts. Massages are done fully clothed in a seated position. Simply bring a pillow and each other and get ready to decompress and relax.

 “My husband and I took Jamie’s class and it was wonderful. We learned not only how to massage each other but also the reasoning behind the various pressures and movements.  She helped my husband learn how to posture himself while giving a massage so he wouldn’t fatigue too quickly.  I can now get a massage from him that is more than a couple of squeezes of my shoulders.  
Thanks Jamie!!”
–  D. Johnson, past participant


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