Conneticut Shooting

Regarding the elementary school shooting: Deborah, what's going on with people? Why would anyone kill innocent children? This makes me very sad and angry :(

The message I got regarding this tragedy is that these souls contracted for this tragic event to help raise awareness + vibration for the rest of us still here in this plane. Painful events push us to our own spiritual process more powerfully than anything else can. We are all digging deep to clear away our angers + fears and situations like this plummet us straight to the spots that need clearing. We are all also trying to raise our vibrations to higher emotional expressions like Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, and this kind of circumstance helps us to do exactly that. Tragedy like this helps us all to remember the preciousness and fragility of life, so that we can hold our loved ones more dear and live more present in every moment, knowing that any moment it could all be lost.


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